Friday, March 14, 2008

Adiós, my friends!

Sent my two friends back yesterday night after a 10 day stay with us in London. Having friends coming by for a visit really make me miss home. Well, it's not the hot, humid and sometimes extremely wet weather of the Singapore isle but the sense of familiarity.

We went to school together and have been keeping in touch for more than a decade. How many of us can claim that we still keep friends for more than a few years? Though we do not meet up regularly due to our punishing work schedule back home, I do believe that the good friends can really pick up from where they left without much of an effort.

Anyway, brought them around London and went for a short getaway to Edinburgh with Wife and HP. The five of us had loads of fun, especially on the 5 hour train ride, which was spent playing Citadel and Dai-Di.

Like I've always said. It's really the company that counts. Adiós, my friends!

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BendzG said...

I like going to London someday and say "Bloody Hell" hhehe

BK said...

Wow, Dai-di in the train. That sounds like a lot of fun. You are right, it definitely feels great to have friends visiting. I was once away in Philippines and it always felt good to have friends visiting.