Monday, March 17, 2008

Banksy @ Andipa

Spent a wet Saturday afternoon queuing up along Walton Street outside Andipa Gallery. The queue extended the entire street (more than 50m in fact) covering the shopfronts of several neighbouring businesses.

Judging at the reactions of local residents, it's not that often that the gallery does a public viewing of a celebrity artist.

It's none other than Banksy, British very own graffiti master. He is apparently tired of people selling the very walls that he worked on and has found a way to monetise his works. With an entitlement of 4% 'reselling fee' for his works displayed, most of which selling for 100k pounds and above, people living in Mayfair may very well have a new neighbour soon.

Unlike many other exhibitions, this one allows viewers to photograph the works as long as there's no flash.

Below are some that I've taken and if you can afford the time and is in the neighbourhood, why not drop by the gallery itself and take a peek. The exhibition will be on till 29th March 2008.

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