Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chaining yourself up...

Was watching BBC news 24 this morning when I heard that a person threatened to chain herself up to a postbox if her local post office is closed down (due to fiscal cuts).

Really amused by this form of protest. What's the issue about chaining oneself up to something? Is that actually a form of protest?

What happens when the media, if there's any in the first place, got tired of interviewing the 'chainee' and packed up for the day? Does the chainee then unlock herself with the key, declare victory and call it a day as well?

A quick search on google would show that people would chain themselves up to anything in protest: fence, boat, tree... the list just goes on...

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Traveller said...

Maybe Dr. Chee should try chaining himself to the Istana gates.

C K said...

Wuah hah hah!! That's was exactly what I had in mind when I first saw the article about fence chaining.

But I suspect that the fence would be remove.. together with his hands. Ok, that's a morbid joke.