Sunday, March 23, 2008

I am one too, unfortunately.

Was shopping for ski wear at North Face just off Covent Garden the other day with Wife and HP. Being absolute noobs to skiing, we were at the mercy of the sales staff, who showed us ski wear that cost quite abit,

"Oh if this is your first time getting ski wear, you should go for a durable one. What about this? It comes with double layer insulation with detachable inner lining. Not only is it waterproof, it's knife and bullet proof as well. All that for only half a million pounds!"

"Er... that's tempting, but have you got any basic ski wear?"

"Did I mention that there's C4 embedded in it? Just press this button and throw the jacket at your target. You have 5 seconds to do that and the resulting blast has a 2 mile radius!"

"Actually, I was looking for something cheaper."

"Oh... in that case, this one just keeps you warm. 200 pounds and you can have it, tightfisted ass!"

Choosing a ski wear can be a mine field. But we chanced upon an ethnic Chinese sales staff in the basement.

"Can I help?"

"Ah yes, we're looking for some affordable ski wear."

"Your accent sounds familiar... are you by any chance, Singaporean?"

Thunder stuck my mind. I had to think fast. That can go either way. Singaporeans are not known to be compassionate to their kind when overseas. I took a bet.

"Er, yes. I am. Are you one as well?"

"I am one too, unfortunately."

I took a quick glance at HP, whose face darken by the second. Let me explain: Although HP is not exactly a fervent nationalist, I am always under this impression that she has got a Singapore flag tucked somewhere in that huge handbag of hers. At that moment, I imagined her unfurling that flag and wrapped it round herself (much like a cape). I wouldn't be able to save that chap though, I was just busy getting out of harm's way.

"So, what do you dislike about being a Singaporean?" HP asked.

"Well, nothing much actually, it's just that the weather back home sucks, it's like 35 degrees celsius every other day."

"Oh really? Because I don't recall it being that high when I was back home."

That's just a sample of the conversation thereafter. Having known HP for some time, that was really a sting coming from her. But you got to give Ben (the staff who was being battered by HP) some credit. He did help us choose our ski wear and gave us great recommendations.

We left the store with two full bags and empty pockets. I bet Ben wouldn't even realise what hit him. :)

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Rudy said...


C K said...

HP is the intials of a friend of mine. :)

Entrepreneur said...

There will always be unhappy people I guess. We all have our gripes ;). It's good to see you left happy though since you guys bought stuff!

C K said...

But of course, we were real desperate as all major stores in London have ran out of ski wear as it's near the end of season.

Anyway, I do find Ben quite a friendly guy.