Thursday, March 6, 2008

The newest Banksy in town...

Read about the newest Banksy in town, Essex Road in Islington actually. The pharmacy's owner, who is the proud owner of the wall with a drawing with the typical Banksy styled stencil, is already open to offers to purchases. Looking at the past sales done, the Banksy piece will be fetching a cool 300k pounds! Banksy has made another quarter millionaire out of a Londoner.

London Paper didn't provide the exact address of the pharmacy so Wife and I spent some time hunting for it. Oh yes, we hope to get a picture of it before it is sold and stripped away. Didn't take us too long though; a television crew was already there to film the site.

Took a picture of the presenter and his cameraman filming the site. The presenter didn't look very pleased to be out in the chilly night staring at a wall though. Upon seeing us, he signalled to his cameraman to set up his camera behind us while we were photographing the piece.

Expect to see us in some documentary on 'Nuts about Banksy'.

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Susanna said...

I was so intrigued by this post that I had to find out who Banksy is :)

midomssh said...

thanks for info thump up