Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nowhere to go for Easter break.

London, despite its high cost of living, remains the gateway to Europe for many South East Asians. That's unless we speak French. Not only it's essentially English speaking, the capital is well connected via rail or air to the European hinterland; Paris, Lille and Brussels well under 2hrs by Eurostar, Spain and southern France pretty much are the playgrounds of British tourists.

Unlike in Singapore, both Good Friday and Easter Monday (the following Monday) are declared as bank holidays (or public holidays). With 4 days at hand, there should be ample time to explore the unexplored. That's if you don't mind risking the wrath of the crowds at Heathrow and other London airports. There's this tendency for systems to break down during peak travel period and the decision for airport staff to go on strike during then certainly doesn't help matters.

For now, I'm grounded in London. Looking forward to spending my time at comedy clubs. :)

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SheR. said...

Ah.. I used to be stuck in the same situation with no where to go for easter in London. Usually I book a ticket to fly out of London. Interesting blog! I'll be checking back!

C K said...

Yep... now furious searching online for last minute deals... I refused to be stuck at comedy clubs!! :p

Rudy said...

Really? I know of a lot of people flying with KLM via Amsterdam.

SheR. said...

Go sit in the park mate :P Free entertainment. Might be freezing tho.

lina said...

hope you have a fun Easter weekend!

LadyBanana said...

And enjoying the freezing cold here!

C K said...

BA pilots was supposed to have a strike during Easter period. It was called off eventually. KML should not be affected. I hope that your friend will enjoy her stay at Amsterdam. :)

Oh yes... and they will find a frozen corpse on the park bench before the end of the day. It's !@#$ cold here right now.

Thanks! You too. Does Japan declare Easter as a holiday as well?

So much for the Easter break. Should have gone for skiing, yah?