Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Photo blogs

Looking at the photographs that I have taken, you would have guessed that I'm one of those clueless chap going around with a point and shoot camera. Nothing against the Olympus μ740 that Wife got for me for Christmas two years back, but I just can't see myself tweaking with all the lightings, aperture and what have you just to take a shot. So I do admire people who can actually take decent shots.

The following two photo blogs that I've come across do not only have fabulous photographs; their simple yet captivating site layout certainly help to accentuate the photos. Do check them out.

CJNichols Photography's elegant layout struck me the first time I visited the site. Take note of how the translucent overlay actually allows the background to 'shine' through the photos. That, I'm certain was the intended effect of the author.

As for the photos, what can I say? The country settings gave rise to great expanse of land produces fantastic landscape shots.

With a drop rank of "Just here for view", the author would probably be overlooked by EntreCarders. EntreCard widget is above the fold and site loads instantly, just more reasons to drop by.

Londonshots is in a totally different setting; urban London is the playground for this photographer. She has got a penchant for documenting graffiti, which was how I stumbled onto this site while looking for Banksy.

The photos contrasted well with the stark background. In fact, the lack of distraction focuses the eyes to the photos themselves.

Being in the same city as the photographer, I couldn't help wondering, "Where did she get that shot from?".

Drop rank of "Casual and relaxed", the site may be another unexplored gem within the EntreCard community. Widget is above the fold and loads fast too. Do check it out.

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LadyBanana said...

Flickr is my fave for looking at photos, but I will take a look at these!