Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Stuck during Easter? Not us!

Refusing to be stuck in London during Easter, Wife and I turned consulted The Book.

Before I left, Clement passed me a Lonely Planet guide to England. We have been relying on it ever since to fill up our weekends. With my eyes covered, I'll point to any spot on the content page and we'll do a day trip to the pointed destination. Sounds like a ridiculous way of choosing where to travel? Not quite. In fact, that's how we ended up in St. Albans, Windsor, Canturbury, Bath, Cambridge, Oxford and Stratford-Upon-Avon.

It didn't fail us this time round as well. My wandering finger picked Winchester and Colchester. Two day trips later and my wonderlust satisfied, I'm down to sorting out the photos that I've taken.

Look out this space for more on Winchester and Colchester.

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eastcoastlife said...

Make full use of their time there and visit more places yah! After 2 months of really going round the island of Singapore, I'm running out of places to visit. sigh..... don't travel overseas also cannot.

Taitai said...

My friend lives in Middlesborough, Singapore

(Tiong Bahru)

C K said...

Will do. :)

Singapore's a really small place. But even though I've spent my whole life there and I still find some places that I've never visited before...

But looking at your photos, it seems that you've covered quite a few. In fact, I was showing my Singaporean friends here your photos taken of Food Republic Food Court. That, will be one of the first places that I've drop by when I'm due for a visit back home.

C K said...


Eh, you lost me there. What about Middlesborough and Tiong Bahru? :)

SheR. said...

Great, at least you didn't waste your easter!

C K said...

Yep. And there are so many places within England that I've not been to. Not to mention Wales and Scotland!

So many places, so little time and money... :p

taitai said...

ck, you don't speak hokkien?

LadyBanana said...

I think you will be seeing more of England than me and I've been here 50 years.. (since birth) lol

capybara said...

It is a great idea to get out of London and explore. England has some amazing places to visit and a rich history.

C K said...

You would have to help me with Hokkien. All the Hokkien that I know is confined to a few 'key' phrases, if you get what I mean. :p

I just hope to visit as many places as possible within England before I leave :)

But I'm sure you know more of the nooks and crannies London much more than I ever will. Will appreciate if you let me know some tips in getting the best deals that the capital can provide!

You bet! The book helps quite abit. It's really interesting reading up about the monarch before you tour England. Tons of juicy stories there... (wink).