Friday, March 21, 2008

Unlock your iPhone!

With the newest Apple phone gadget selling across the Atlantic at a much cheaper price, Londoners, being used to receive the worse end of deal, are turning to illegal 'unlocking' of their iPhone's network settings.

Instead of being held hostage by O2 for a considerable period of time, London iPhone owners can now use their existing sim card. I'm not an iPhone user myself so I'm not sure whether it does affect iPhone's functions.

Just quite surprised that such a service is being blatantly promoted along Shaftesbury Avenue no less. Gosh, I miss my favorite shops in Sim Lim Square. ;)

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Taitai said...

My friend just bought a Chinese dual-sim phone with radio, camera, touch-screen, and get this, tv reception! It was really cheap at $200 to have all these functions.

Only problem was ...

The screen started having fuzzy lines across it less than 2 months later. The guys who sold it said that my friend must have dropped it. There is no warranty.

C K said...

... really? Better warn your friend to stop using it. She may get radiated from the lack of sheathing.

Chinese made products... quality control is still the main stumbling block. That's unless it's from a reputable brand. :)

SheR. said...

There are so many in London that never fail to amuse me. The bold display of phone unlocking services, fake dvds, cannabis stores.. the list goes on. Is this what we Singaporeans call freedom?

biyahilo said...

haha... there's a lot of unlocked iphone here in the philippines.

@taitai, those chinese-made dual sim phone are crap! drop it an inch and it will break!

C K said...

I dunno. But I would think that the British would clamp down on this form of piracy before screaming at say China to clamp down on hers... :)

Surprisingly, there's no need for Singapore to 'unlock' phones as they're not tied to any mobile operators. However, that's not the case for iPhone... anyway, it has not arrive in Singapore as yet.

BillyWarhol said...

Were going to be Giving away Free iPhones + our new iGooPhones for FREE!!

There is too much to mention here but the new 700Mhz Spectrum is opening up a whole new Worldwide FREE Market for us*

;)) Peace*

Traveller said...

CK there are plenty of iPhones here already ... the unlocking part still needs to be done because Apple has locked them to work only with the US carrier (i.e., the iPhones that are here are bootleg from USA).