Thursday, March 13, 2008

Would you go out with me?

A guy friend of mine (who is single and very available) received a sms message from an anonymous admirer asking him out for dinner. Fearing that it was his friends playing a prank on him, he replied with an unflattering sms questioning the sender's identity. Upon receiving the reply, the sender sent another sms rescinding the invitation to dinner.

My guy friend is now wondering whether it is indeed a real invitation after all his friends denied vehemently that they were the ones who sent the message in the first place.

How could he have handled the matter better without sounding desperate? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Carolyn B. said...

If it ever happens again, I'd advise your friend to say something like this, a lighthearted way:

"I enjoy meeting new people but doing that anonymously is difficult. :o) Let me know who you are, and we'll go from there. Look forward to hearing from you."

Deimos Tel`Arin said...

So have your friend went out and meet up with this secret admirer yet?

Is it someone of the opposite or same gender LOL

I suppose there is no harm in checking out this "secret admirer" and just to make sure that your friend is safe from any bad things.

Have a bunch of friends stalk this meeting between that particular friend and the secret admirer.

Should be interesting to see how things turn out.

Curt said...

I would say he should have first accepted the invitation, then asked the person to say who they were.

After all, if it was his friends playing a prank, it would have been funny and everyone would have gotten a good laugh.

Who knows, he probably would have gotten a free dinner to boot!

C K said...

Sorry to say that my friend never get to find out who that gal was. Well, having said that, I thought that he should at least give it a shot. I mean, who knows...?