Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Best kept secret?

We were milling around Angel in search of some food last weekend after returning from Kew Gardens when something caught our eye.

Not Masala Zone, which pride itself as the cheapest Indian food you can find in London. You should steer clear of a restaurant if its selling point is 'cheap food'. It'll never be as cheap as those buffets that dotted the capital and it'll never be as good as the average restaurant.

Anyway, an advert board that points to an alley beside Masala Zone got our attention and we were flipping through Pizza Oregano's menu 10min later.

Tucked in a cosy corner just off Angel's Upper Street, it was purported to be "one of Upper Street's best kept secret". But after a rather disconcerting meal, I beg to differ.

The food is nothing to get excited about. Honestly, I've tasted better at Strada or even Cafe Uno. The price is comparable as well. There is absolutely no ambience to speak of, you might be better off at a regular office canteen where you might find more space between each set of tables.

But then again, the place was pretty crowded for some obscure reason. Verdict: Some secrets best remain secrets.

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SheR. said...

Never tried any places in Angel. If you love Italian, get to Piccadilly Street. There's a caffee Biaggio. I think that's the correct spelling ??? They are one of the rare caffee that carries the Pascucci (??) brand of coffee. Have fun!

~YM~ said...

the colors of the pizza looks nice though. XD Although the toppings looks rather disordered a bit..hee..

Nice posts you have put up indeed. I'm linking u then! n_n

C K said...

Biaggio at Piccadilly? Ok, will sniff that cafe out. Must definitely try out a chef's recommendation... :)

Maybe it's my skills in photography... lol.

Thanks for the link!