Saturday, April 19, 2008

Duck rice... is it any good?

I miss the hawker centres and coffeeshops back home. In fact, the hawker centres in Singapore is featured in a book entitled '1000 places that you must visit before you die'. Not suprising really, food galore in sweltering heat, grumpy hawkers and impatient patrons trying to intimidate you into finishing your food and shove off. It doesn't get any better than that.

But hawker centres are gradually being phased out in an urban renewal attempt. On an island of a mere 704 square kilometres, it's basically a land grabbing exercise when it comes to urban planning. Their replacement, the food courts, though air conditioned, cannot compare with the bustling predecessors.

Having said that, I cannot help thinking of the duck rice in London when tucking into its counterpart in Kopitiam (a Singaporean food court chain). Believe it or not, I actually prefer the duck sold in London. It's more succulent and the sauce is just heavenly. Perhaps the one size fits all formula has watered down the taste of those sold in food court chains but I suspect it has more to do with where the ducks are from.

I was told that the more accomplished Hong Kong chefs (who specialises in Oriental cuisine) have relocated to Vancouver and London. So the next time you're in London, do pop down to Bayswater (less crowded than Leceister Square) and try out the aromatic duck they've got there.

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kyh said...

But with the price you pay for a plate of duck rice in London, you could get yourself 3 or 4 plates back in Singapore!

C K said...

Actually it's around 6 plates. Haha... you're one of those who prefer quantity over quality. Welcome to the club, bro!

kyh said...

I'd go for quality, but my current status and financial condition do not allow me to do so. *sigh*

SheR. said...

Well.. for your information, Malaysia import its ducklings from UK. Now that explains why the source taste better?

C K said...

Really? I always thought that South East Asia got its ducklings from Indonesia...