Friday, April 25, 2008

Duh...It's all in the name!

White Stuff, a popular apparel chain in London, has a rather interesting logo.

Perhaps having a Chinese character does add to the appeal of its clothes... somehow. Who can forget the 女力 (loosely translated as Female Power) tattoos sported on Spice Girls back then?

It's a strange choice having 衣 (literally means clothes) as its brand. It's like opening a restaurant and calling it "Food".

But then again, who cares so long that it sells?

Have you come across any interesting store names?

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SheR. said...

Yeah and everything with Chinese or Japanese characters are more exotic and sells better in London too! Strange hur??

kyh said...

I concur with sher. If that shop is gonna open here in M'sia or Sg, nobody will take a 2nd look at it. But the shop is in London! Names that come with an unfamiliar character to the locals gives an exotic feel to it.

C K said...

My sentiments exactly! There's this Jap restaurant called 'Wasabi' in London.... gosh... It's like having a American burger chain called 'Ketchup'! :p

SheR. said...

Hey I was thinking along the lines of calling a bakery Roti and cafe Kopi?!
Original hur?