Thursday, April 3, 2008

Er... so is it left or right?

Was quite confused by the these 'arrows' on the ground when I first came to London. It does, in a way, look like the regular arrow back home. So I was happily crossing the road looking towards my left (in this case) and nearly got into an accident.

If you've not guessed already, it's a one way traffic from the right to the left. Oh well, a lesson a day.

Was on the Tube the other day and saw a sign warning against vandalism. Apparently someone did try to test the system and got away with it. Reminds me of a message scrawled with a marker on a public bench, "Do Not Vandalise".

Sorry for the blur picture; the train pulled away from the station when I took the picture.

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SheR. said...

Yes confusing indeed.
But I like the way that put Look Left or Look Right at every crossing. Heee.. Do you look at the signs when you cross the street?
It confused the hell out of my french mates! Ha!!

capybara said...

You certainly have to be on your toes to navigate round London on foot or by car. My wife and I moved to North Lincolnshire 6 years ago from Kent as we were stressed by the hustle and bustle and traffic congestion down South.

fragileheart said...

I will never understand why on earth they used the yield symbol on those streets. It confused me when I was in Ireland as well - but they started doing something even worse - they would put three smaller ones of these right beside each other at the same kind of spot. Which made it look even more like arrows and less like yield signs! Crazy!!

C K said...

Yep, I took a moment to think where my left and right is (lol!). Without those words, it's instinctive to look towards the direction of the oncoming traffic but the words somehow made it worse... probably the way my brain is wired. Just not a 'word' guy.

Haha... agreed! But London motorists are generally polite enough not to honk at you unless you nearly cause an accident. As for driving, I'm not so sure about that.... but those cyclists do cause some ire among the motorists.

Oh..."yield symbol".. so that's what they call those signs. Can totally imagine the confusion caused by those pseudo arrows sign. Well, at least the traffic flows in the same direction in the UK as compared to Singapore.... :)