Monday, April 28, 2008

London Kew Gardens - A riot of colours!

Last Saturday was a brief respite from a relatively wet weather that plagued the entire week. The transition from winter to spring, with the gradual increase in temperature, has brought the bloom back to Kew Gardens.

So we set off to the Gardens after a sumptuous breakfast at Saponara. The nearest tube station to the Gardens is aptly named as Kew Gardens. Located at the boundary of Zone 3 and 4 of London Underground, it took us around 40min to get there. It wasn't that bad really, Wife was buried in her Terry Pratchett while I was pondering over how Amy Winehouse got voted as the Ultimate Heroine of youths in the UK.

After a 5min walk and 20min queuing for the tickets, we're unleashed into the gardens. Gawd, it was a spectacular sight, a riot of colours with absolutely fantastic combination of flora and spectacular landscaping. Well, for 13 quid per person, it better be.

The last time we came to Kew was during winter and most of the flowerbeds were fallowing. This time round, not only the bluebells (all 2 million of them, I heard) but also cherry blossoms (oh, yes!) are flourishing. We were quite curious as to why the fact that London has its very own cherry blossoms within easy access is not more widely publicised. To think that we were actually comtemplating flying to Washington for that.

Enjoy the photos, my friends.

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Susie said...

These are beautiful, I just looked outside to snow!! I am so waiting for spring to bloom! That made me so sad, but then your pictures warmed my spring wanting!

Anonymous said...

I luv the photos...a blooming riot!

From the Eyes of my Heart said...

the flowers are gorgeous!! thanks for posting! =)

C K said...

Thanks for your kind comments! You guys should have seen the real thing. Nothing is like sitting on top of a knoll and watching the clouds go by. :)

SheR. said...

I went to Kew in 2006 when my MIL had a pair of free tickets. It was nice. Very huge park. Park or garden? Confused. Nevermind.
I like the little area for Bonsai. And did you pop into the tropical garden "room"? It just reminded me of Singapore so much with all the plants that we are so familiar with. It's a nice place to enjoy a little scent of home in. :)

C K said...

How can we miss the tropical plants? But we nearly suffocated in the highly humidified air!

Was out in under 10 min. Well, perhaps it'll be better if we were to return during summer when we are in lighter clothing.

LadyBanana said...

wahh 2nd attempt to post, my net is too slow tonight!

Beautiful flowers, you saved me £13! lol

On LBC radio they were chatting about how they can remember when the entry was only 40 pence!

C K said...

While we were queuing up for the tickets, the pair in front of us were talking about a 10p entrance fee "back then"!

But I understand that the proceeds are channelled into conservation of plants... well, at least it's put into good use so no complaints about that.

Anyway, if you drop by during winter, the admission is just 12.50 quid with the ice skating rink thrown in!