Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What will I do without you (guys)?

Friends are really important, especially when you need them to arrange gatherings for you on a short notice.

The visit back home was kind of rush as it wasn't exactly planned well in advance. As Wife and I stayed a mere 7 days in Singapore, it's really important for us to be able to meet up with our friends before we depart for Heathrow again. 7 breakfasts,lunches, dinners and late night suppers... believe it or not, it was all packed.

My heartfelt gratitude goes to my buddies who has kindly arranged and even booked the meal venue and the list is as follows...

My colleagues
Especially HS for arranging the crab dinner at Mellban and for bring your cute boy and wife along as well!
Those who turned up actually had a long tiring day at work but some even went back home to take a shower before rushing to meet up with me.

My classmates
Thanks to Stephen who fixed up the lovely dinner at Crystal Jade Kitchen. It's really tough on him to gather anyone due to the different work schedule (oh yes, these people are workoholics!) but we managed to fill up a table (somewhat).

My army mates
All Singaporean guys are conscripted into the army (due to our tiny population) at the age of 18 and there we languish for 2 years plus. But it's also in the army where one gets to meet people of different backgrounds and made lifelong friends Well, thanks to LP for arranging dinner at that dingy zi char place along Serangoon road. Not forgetting the rest who turned up although I was left waiting in the train station for 40min!

My buddies
I'm sure everyone of us have some people whom you'll look for in times of need. These people are always (well, more often than not) there for me. Of course, I return the favour as well.
Never mind that I brought them around London when they visited, would still like to thank them for that fantastic buffet over at Straits Kitchen.

Better end this post before it becomes way too cheesy. But will like to say a huge thank you for all those who rescheduled their (more important) appointments to meet up with us.

Oh, did I mention that today's my birthday as well? haha... Happy Birthday to me! Cheers!

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