Monday, May 26, 2008

A last minute ditch to grab some chow!

After our trip to Oriental City in Colindale two weekends back, we were so smitten with the food found in the foodcourt that we trudged back for a repeat visit, this time with HP in tow.

After stuffing ourselves silly in the foodcourt, we came upon this satay stall that is conspicuously set up beside the centre's multi-storey carpark. It's the typical Malaysian satay outlet that is often seen along the winding roads through Malaysian Peninsula.

In fact, most customers that occupied the stall's four tables were either Malaysians or Singaporeans going by their accents. It's being teleported back to home, with the air-con switched on full blast; the temperature was closer to 18C.

Other than the temperature, it's the difference in prices as well. Back home, each stick of satay goes for 22 pence (S$0.60). That particular stall was selling six sticks of satay (with onions and some ketupat - rice cakes) for 6.50 pounds ($17.44). A princely sum indeed that would make many choked on the ketupat. My advice? Go for the lamb, it taste much better.
But hey, you could always wash it down with a cup of teh-tarik (foamed milk tea), which tasted heavenly. With a price tag of one quid, it's worth every penny.

Toko Home, a discount store in Oriental City, is having a huge store clearance sale. The last time that we bought something, it was "buy 1 get 1 free". Now the promotion is going at "buy 1 get 2 free"!
Well, I wouldn't be suprised if it goes for "buy 1 get 3 free" when it comes to the last day, which is the 31st May.

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SheR. said...

Hm.. The sales in the store remind me of those shops with CLOSING DOWN sales littering Oxford Street. They've been closing down since.. forever?

Our Dear CK reporter in London, care to do a snapshot of one of those shops? :P

Oh satay... I just made Nasi Lemak the other day. And my fiance wolfed everything down in 5 minutes:O

lina said...

much cheaper to learn and cook your own satay.

Guess we people will pay the earth when homesickness hit, right?

My Bug Life said...

That's very expensive satay u've got there...:D

Modern Glam said...

That pic looks only too delicious, lol!

kyh said...

Thos eare expensive satays man!!! At that kinda price here, we could've... I mean over dozens of sticks!

C K said...

Come to think of it, I do recall some rather persistent 'closing down' sale along Oxford Street towards Marble Arch.

Haha, will take a snapshot of them when I pass by the area next time round.

Hmm... I would assume that your fiance was pretty famished. lol

C K said...

Really, I had become immuned to the prices that those mee goreng, satay and prata (roti canai) are going for over in London.

But I can't see myself flipping that !"&%%! prata!

C K said...

@my bug life,
Ah... like what lina mentioned, when it comes to food from home, all rationality gets thrown out of the window!

C K said...

@my bug life,
Ah... like what lina mentioned, when it comes to food from home, all rationality gets thrown out of the window!

C K said...

@modern glam,
If only you've tasted it... that satay is mixed with herbs and ginger... absolutely fantastic!

C K said...

Haha... I recalled you saying the same thing about the pratas (roti canai) as well!

eastcoastlife said...

OMG! The satay so expensive! I better cherish the satay here in Singapore.... eat them whenever I could. hehe....

SheR. said...

On the contrary.. he loves the Nasi Lemak. He told me he could eat 5 plates!! :P
I will post my not so authentic nasi lemak soon.

C K said...

Actually the satay that was featured in this post taste somewhat like the ones they have over at the Esplanade, which was going for S$6.50 the last time I checked.

C K said...

Haha, be careful about the fat of content though... nasi lemak is not exactly the healthiest food.