Friday, May 23, 2008

The Oriental City @ Colindale

Weather is a topic that unifies the Britons.

"Bloody weather today isn't it?"
"It's absolutely horrible. I heard that that it's going to be bad for this bank holiday weekend as well!"

For Singaporeans, the topic has got to be food.

"Have you tried the roti prata opposite Thomson Plaza?"
"Not since I've discovered a better one over at Casuarina Road!"

So you can imagine our excitement when we found out about the Oriental City at Colindale.

There are lots of information online on the tussle between locals, shop owners and the authorities with regards to the pending closure of this oriental paradise.

Long story short: Fantastic food at reasonable prices under one roof but the place is closing down on 1st June 2008. (a few days from the date of this post)

Although we've heard of its existence, we have always assumed it to be closed as it has been announced as early as 2006. So when we heard otherwise, it didn't take us long to decided where to have our dinner that very day.

Colindale, located in Zone 4, is served by the Northern Line of London Underground. A 5min walk, well, 10min if you were strolling like us, will bring you to Oriental City, which is along Edgeware Road.

First impression, it's a splitting image of Loyang Point. For those who live in Loyang, a god forsaken part of Singapore, just pop by Loyang Point and imagine the shopkeepers being Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Hongkongers and Taiwanese and (viola!) you'll be teleported to London suburbs.

The main highlight is of course the food court that serves Indian, Korean, Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, Indonesian and Malaysian cruisines. A sizable portion, which is enough for two, typically goes for 5 to 7 pounds per serving, a reasonable price for London's living standard.

I was busy gobbling up the dim sum and stir fried beef hor fun when I realized that I've forgotten to take a picture of them. Well, I didn't forget to do that with my ice kachang though.

As mentioned earlier, the place will be closing down on 1st June 2008. Many vendors are creating a mailing list to update their ever so loyal customers of their new shops' locations.

So if you're free these few days and in the vicinity, just hop on the Tube and get down to Oriental City for a piece of oriental food paradise.

While you're at it, leave your email at your favorite stall's mailing list.

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LadyBanana said...

I visited this place a long time ago, well over 10 years..

I must say I had forgotten about it. I wonder why it's closing down? Was it not very busy?

C K said...

It was really crowded when we dropped by last weekend. The place was sold off to a private developer by the authorities without consulting the locals and vendors...

Kind of remind me about Camden Passage, doesn't it? Quick, go there once more before it shuts down again!

The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

What a great blog; it is so well done and great information. Thank you, I will be visiting often.

C K said...

@The Mommy and Me Boutique,
Thanks for the compliments. See you around!

Deb said...

Wah, a Loyang Point in London! Does the ice kachang taste like back home?

C K said...

Instead of condensed milk, which I absolutely love, they topped it up with vanilla icecream. Other than that, it's taste more or less the same.

With a cup of tea, the 'set' cost 3 pounds!

kyh said...

What a pity for a place that serves good food! I hope they get relocate to a better place... :)

Deb said...

That sounds like Penang ice kachang - they put a scoop of ice cream on top as well. But 3 pounds... I'll get heart attack. Does ice cost so much in London? lol!

SheR. said...

EEe!!! I want!!!! I never knew of such a place while I was in London.. too busy! Hahah...

C K said...

Pity that there's no single place that they'll be moving to. All the stall vendors will have to find new places seperately...

C K said...

Haha, no of course! But ice kachang is a delicacy over here in London! lol

C K said...

Oh well, you must be too busy pubbing, yah? :p