Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rome (1/5) - the capital of the civilized world

Was wondering how many posts I should write on the trip to Rome. As I was determined to milk it for all its worth, I settled on a nice number '5'.

For your information, the remaining four has not been written yet at this moment in time but I'm sure there'll be enough material to go around.

Rome was once the capital of the civilized world. The Romans ruled the Mediterranean from the cradle of power till the empire imploded in the later half of the first millennium.

Though it should definitely be on the itinerary of a European tour, it should never ever be the first destination; simply because every city that you visit thereafter would be subconsciously compared to the splendour of Rome.

The Trevi Fountain (picture above) rightly represents the love affair between the world and Rome. The saying goes that if you throw a coin in, you'll return to Rome again. Two coins and you'll find a lover in Rome, three and you'll spend the rest of your life with him or her.

We hesitated quite abit before deciding on Rome, having heard tons of unpleasant incidents with pickpockets and other petty crimes. So we were rather surprised at the high police presence in the city.

Donning smart uniforms and having model looks, the Roman Municipal Police looks credible enough. The only issue perhaps is that they're not too obliging when it comes to photo requests.

This vending machine tucked in a corner caught our eye as we stroll along the streets towards the Spanish Steps. A t-shirt vending machine that caters for both men and women with three sizes as well. Was thinking that one must be real desperate to use that.

The High Street shops in Rome has got this interesting way of displaying their wares; each store has a display shelf that looks like a large notice board installed in front of the storefront's walls.

Though doing so increased it's storefront display by quite abit, it nevertheless cheapened the brand. At least that's what I thought. It reminds me of some flea market stalls.

After visiting a number of cities, I'm not that surprised by the graffitti in Rome's Metro system. I'm just shocked at the extent of it.

Though there was some evidence of attempts made to remove them, it was clear that they weren't very successful.

Next up, we'll have the Colosseum and Old Rome.

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SheR. said...

Ah.. you were right next door to me! Should have knocked! ;)
You must have had a great time there! Bene!!!!!!!!!!1

~YM~ said...

lol..the grafitti in rome is really something..!! haha.. gud post on the trip though..n_n

I like the T-shirt vending machine the most.

Nomadic Matt said...

Rome is one of my favorite cities i nthe world. I spent a week there and could have spent another 10!

Your photos bring back memories.

Mrs. Mecomber said...

Welcome back from your break. Good post! I'm looking forward to more posts about Rome.

C K said...

Oh really? But I did went up to your door and rang the bell. Your neighbour told me that you were at the restaurant and I left a calling card... :p

C K said...

I was stunned by the graffitti, which filled up the entire interior as well....

Pity I didn't check out the price of those t-shirts though...

C K said...

@nomadic matt
Saw the picture that you took of II Vic on your site. Didn't get a clear shot of that due to the renovation though.

C K said...

@mrs. mecomber
The break was great while it lasted. Thanks for that warm welcome!

lina said...

milk it all it worth. Then I can use you as reference should I need to visit Rome. :-)

kyh said...

All roads lead to Rome. So I guess all able-minded man should make a trip there one day too! And I heard that each major city in Italy has its own police force donned in uniforms designed by the great fashion houses, like Gucci, Prada and Versace. Milan's one is by Armani if I'm not mistaken. Not so sure about Rome though.

Lovely pics. Lovely fountain. Lovely city of course!

Vatican next?

C K said...

Perhaps I should start a "Singaporean in Rome" blog yah? lol

But that's a compliment from who I consider as the authority for Japan travels!

C K said...

That's exactly what my wife noticed! The police did wear something that seems to come out from some designing store.

If Armani is taken by Milan, I wonder what Rome's police is wearing... hmm..

Anyway, Vatican will be featured in the 4th post of this series of 5. :-)

SheR. said...

Oh damn.... I didn't know it was a calling card.. I used it to kill one of the flies in my house! :P My apologies!

C K said...

Ok... I'm cracking my head trying to think of a smart retort for that one... lol

monaco said...

I dream of visiting Rome one day.

C K said...

I'm sure you will! Try visiting it between April and July. That's the best weather with the shops opening the longest hours.

Avoid August, shops in Rome close for a full 2 weeks then. :0

eastcoastlife said...

If I plan to go Europe in future, I might meet up with my blogger friends too. How nice. :)

C K said...

Gimme an email if you're in London, we can go for English tea in the afternoon, yah?

My Bug Life said...

What an easy and convenient way to get buying a can of soda! I would like 2 visit Rome one day..:)

Wenbin Nah said...

Hmmm, nice pics from Rome. Stumbled!!!

C K said...

@my bug life,
Come to think of it...I should have gotten one. Darn! Now I have to return to Rome just to get that t-shirt.

C K said...

@wenbin nah,
Thanks for the stumble! Much appreciated!

Angie said...

Is it expensive in Rome? I'm trying to organize some trip in the future but I find it hard. Friends of mine recommended me hotel Cavalieri but you know - it doesn't look cheap.