Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sizzling hot...

Was tweeting with Jasmine Shanea of Pixelated Thoughts yesterday when she mentioned to me that Singapore's temperature has hit 34C (93.2F).

Gosh, I cannot even imagine how I had survived in the sunny island for decades. The images of me sweating in my t-shirt, bermudas and sandals during my last visit back home taunt me every time I think of it.

As the grass is always greener on the other side, many Londoners whom I have spoken to are puzzled as to why I prefer autumn or even winter to summer. Imagine living in a sunny island with summer year round not to mention the tremendously high humidity; your sweat will soak through the clothes even before it can evaporate.

LKY hit right on the nail when he made the comment about Singapore would never have flourished if not for the invention of airconditioner. So imagine my panic then I found out that most London apartments are not equipped with it.

Having said that, it's really not necessary over here. With summer temperature rarely hitting 28C at its highest, Londoners value every little bit of sunshine.

We were at St. James Park (just next to Buckingham Palace) last week and what greeted us were scores of sunbathers that were laid out on just about every patch of greenery available.

While the rest were tanning themselves silly, we felt foolishly overdressed as we tiptoed around the crowd. The last thing we want is to have a bare bodied chap chasing us down The Mall.

Even the local scarecrow is itching for some action... now where did I put those sunblock lotion?

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Gina said...

I personally love the summer and the heat! I can't wait for New York to hit 93F!

C K said...

Ah... you're one of those. Banish this lady to Dubai! :)

We were rather taken aback by the number of people sunbathing. Under similar weather, Tropicans will run for cover... lol

LadyBanana said...

Now look at todays weather, what a let down!

C K said...

But hey, you got your walk yesterday! Let's hope that Sunday will be better.

Anonymous said...

yea...ppl cannot understand why asians stay out from the sun during summer. All year long hot and sunny weather is enuff for me. I won't wan to bake under the sun.

I like the scarecrow!

eastcoastlife said...

Wah! envy! It is like a furnace here in Singapore! I'm like a dog... tongue hanging out.... hehe...

C K said...

@my bug life,
We're not the only ones in polo t-shirts and jeans. There were a couple of other Asians and Orientals hiding under shelter as well. lol

The scarecrow is tucked in a community garden. There's this small area that is sequestered for a gardening competition.

I actually wanted to pose with the scarecrow but decided against it when others were looking at me weirdly. :)

C K said...

Apparently, I've spoken too soon. Gloomy weather is back to London again. Now I can appreciate why Londoners are obsessed about their weather. It changes just like that.

Now got to furrow out my winter wear again...

Thomas said...

I just wanted to say that I really like your advertising pictures idea.

C K said...

Thanks! Stumbled onto the idea when I saw an ad on the bus.

Took me some time to cut that picture up though... :)

oceanskies79 said...

Hi c k, I came across your blog while I was at eastcoastlife. I was at London about 3 years ago for a short vacation, and yes, I remember the folks there look forward to any bit of sunshine.

SheR. said...

Ah!!I was shocked to discover that no one has a/c at home in London too!! The heat for 3 summers were so overbearing.. I usually walk around topless in my room in London! :P
Can you imagine working in my restaurant kitchen in summer?? The average temperature felt like 50 degrees C?! Can't imagine working in this weather everyday in Singapore!!!!

C K said...

Thanks for stopping by!

It's not just the sun, the folks over here love the sand as well. Some are so keen on it that they can be seen tanning themselves on the banks (a stretch of less than 50m) on River Thames when the sun is out.

C K said...

... please get any ideas into my head. This is a family friendly blog... lol

I always imagine those working in the kitchen to be very well seasoned to the heat. I mean, it's not really possible for one to go... er.. topless in the kitchen right?

You mean air conditioning in Croatia is not common as well?

Jasmine Shanea said...

cool post! (literally and figuratively speaking). I am with ECL. We're dreading the weather.

@Sher. you walk around topless in your room? O.o make sure you close the curtains! Otherwise you'd give men a great reason to pay high prices to live around you. See, you even made CK a little delirious. :p

Happy weekend everyone!

C K said...

@jasmine shanea,
Yep, I'm delirious after being heated up for a couple of days... :)

Enjoy your weekend too!

SheR. said...

Air conditioning in Croatia? Only offices. We have one of those with inverter technology! Can keep warm in winter and cool in summer!!!

C K said...

That's rather useful. I would expect it to be more dear than just a normal airconditioner yah?

Hey, it's not that bad isn't it? At least it's like a temperature regulator. That's assuming that it works like it should.