Sunday, May 18, 2008

Slacking Sunday

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kyh said...

"This is real art"

And for one moment, I thought I saw "This ISRAEL art". LOL!

C K said...

Found in the graffiti festival in London. Will be writing about it in the next post. :)

Anonymous said...

Alternative arts! Nice one..:)

eastcoastlife said...

Someone emailed the photos to me. Is it done by a Singaporean? What art is this?

C K said...

@my bug life,
It's a refreshing exhibition really. The standard is unlike those loud neon graffiti that we normally see.

C K said...

You mean someone also took a picture as well?

I supposed that it's done by a Singaporean. Not alot of people outside Singapore or the regional countries know about PAP.

It's actually a graffiti festival in London. I'v posted about it here (