Tuesday, May 20, 2008

They aren't heavy, they're just coins

Before I came over to London, a colleague of mine warned me about the coins in the UK, or rather their weight and size to be precise. She advised me to get a durable coin pouch for my stay in London.

It was a peculiar advice I must say. I mean, I can imagine being advised about the less than warm weather thus the need to get suitable clothings. But a durable coin pouch?

However, I only came to realize how substantial those sterling coins are until I returned to Singapore for a visit. The coins back home are tiny in comparison.

Well, I've got the corresponding denomination laid out side by side in these photos and the differences became really apparent.

Not only UK's coins are larger, thicker and heavier, they also come in more denominations; there is no equivalent of 2 pence and 2 pounds for the Singapore's currency.

Any idea why they're so heavy?

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SheR. said...

I have a coin pouch especially for my coins when I was in London! It was really useful!

ERm.. are you going to do a report about the double decker bus collision that just happened today at Tower Bridge? 18 Injured one Killed!

C K said...

Just heard the news as well. The woman was killed by a fallen tree branch...

eastcoastlife said...

aisay...., I thought the coins of Singapore are too heavy and cumbersome to carry around, London's ones are worse. :(

C K said...

Having said that, I've not come across coins that are lighter than Singapore's. Hmm... things that we take for granted.

Perhaps our hands are too small. lol