Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Guest post by Sher (part 2)

Here's the second part of SheR's experiences in London. Hope you enjoyed the first. What struck me about London that is different from S'pore?


I couldn't find any other word to describe POSH in London. You can see all the poshest people in the world all gathered in this city not much larger than Singapore itself. Still... I would say there's no other place like London that you can catch so much Poshness. Poshness is present in the way the English talk.. in Her Majesty's English. Poshness is the way one dresses in the most expensive labels found on earth. You have those brands in Singapore but hey.. it takes a certain degree of Poshness to dress POSH. Poshness can be cooked and eaten. Posh restaurants catered to the rich and famous. I worked in 3 myself and was making salad for the Iron Lady Mrs Margaret Thatcher. Every single dish is made with the freshest ingredients that are air flown from France or as far as Canada each morning. Even the salad leaves are dressed with house dressing of the poshest quality. Your Chocolate Fondant is laced with gold for your Posh pleasure. It's nice to be Posh.


Amazingly the streets are narrow and traffic can be horrendous in London. Perhaps it is because the streets were laid out in pre-Victorian times. Roads that are meant for horse-drawn carriages instead of the 4x4 or London double deckers. Quoting an acquaintance who travelled through the centre of London on a typical English afternoon, it took a full 2 hours which only takes me 30 minutes by the Tube. Most of the time, there will be plenty of roadworks along any part of London streets. You will notice holes dug up and left there for weeks before any work will be done to patch up the crevices. It's just amazing how the roadworks can take a long time to complete unlike in Singapore. Ah well.. they don't have the Bangladeshis like we do in Singapore!


How should I put it? The Freedom to dress, talk or consume whatever you want. The Freedom to be YOU. If you choose to be a punk, Camden will be your favourite hangout. No one will call you a weirdo if you coloured your hair blue today or purple the next. You'll probably get stares if you have wear enough piercings to set off the metal detector at the airport security but in London, you are never an outcaste. I guess it's the clash of the old and new ideas that London is born. Feel rejected by the society? Welcome to London.


I guess everyone knows about London weather. The famous saying: London weather is pretty much like a woman's temper! Well you be the judge. I'm not taking sides. But I have to say, I have survived the winters in London. Not that it is anywhere near what the Canadians or Americans experience but it's enough for the tropical Singapore creature like me! Cold, blustery winds that can sweep me off my feet anytime. Whoa.. that explains why I had to put on more weight to stay on the London ground! Ha!

That's it for the second part. Go grab a cuppa tea and a scone. Join us for the next few instalments! Ta!

Editor's note

Singapore does rely heavily on Chinese, Indians, Bangladeshis and Thais for her heavy construction work. However, the Polish dominate the industry in London. Not to mention the plumbing industry as well.

Sher, a Singaporean in Croatia, is the author of Travelheart. She is a trained baker and chef. Currently residing in Croatia with her fiance, she shares her expertise in food preparation in uR rEsiDent CheF and hopes introduce Asian cruisine to Croatians.

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kyh said...

That's a good review of London! I guess being a powerful former colonial empire's capital, it's got to hv everything in this world ya?

BTW, my Part IV is up. :)

SheR. said...

Thanks! If CK would so kindly let me rant on about London, I would flood his blog with these!!Heee..

kyh said...

I guess he wouldn't mind that! Hehe... And oh, pics too so that I can blog-travel at my home's comfort! :P

Jasmine Shanea said...

Sher, I love your guest posts... but I love your comment about learning rude words from tin tin. That sure cracked me up. :)

C K said...

Thanks for the update on your post!
Well, you can get Sher. to do a guest post for you as well! lol

C K said...

Haha... flood my blog? Hey, come on, don't say that.

C K said...

You know what? I was asking her for some pictures but she was shy... haha... perhaps those pics are too naughty... lol

SheR. said...

Anyday Kyh!
I was writing for Helium to make money but I guess I'm not that interested in making money. I've done a few guest posts on several blogs now. This being the third blog! Hee...

Don't want to put my pictures!! You people always put such big heads of me on your blog! I'm so shy.. click on your blog see my BIG head! Eeks!