Monday, June 23, 2008

Primark accused of using child labour

Primark was accused of using child labour for its wares. The chain store is often hailed as the high street store for those less well heeled. With decent quality clothing for both sexes, its flagship store was swamped when it opened Oxford Street (the equivalent of Orchard Road) in Central London.

BBC, conducted an independent investigation in Bangalore, and found shocking revelations that kids as young as 11 are conscripted in the sequin sewing on clothes that stock Primark's shelves.

Is that the main reason why Primark is able to maintain those rock bottom prices? I get a sizable portion of my wardrobe from Primark. Like many, I adopted the mentality of don't know, don't ask.

Primark maintains that it's totally unaware of child labour usage and has taken steps to terminate the contract with the errant contractor. The major chain store also emphasize that it's strongly against child labour.

Surprisingly, I wasn't thinking about whether that'll mean that my next Primark purchase will be more expensive. I was thinking about what those children who will do now that their employment has been terminated. For sure, life is going to be much worse for them.

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Sassy said...

It is good knowing they are no longer doing child labor. Thanks for the info. In my country, child labor is also a practice.

kyh said...

People exploit everything for the sake of money. *sigh*

lina said...

it's a vicious cycle. You can stop the practice of child labour but there should be also an avenue for these poor children to get access to basic needs like food and shelter.
The exploiter is the one raking all the benefits. :-(

LadyBanana said...

It is a difficult situation as the children and their families probably now have even less than they had before.

It's sensible only to stop this child labour if there is adequate schooling, housing and food for them..

Maybe not good just to take away the only means they have, even though it's SO wrong to let child labour continue..

Oh I don't know, it's such a difficult situation!

C K said...

I would think that it is impossible to eradicate unless there is some trade restrictions, which may not be healthy for the market at large. Gosh, enough rambling already!

C K said...

I was wonder if the child doing the work would think that they're being exploited? That's food for thought...

C K said...

Exactly. But that is an ardous process indeed and will take a strong willed government who is free from popularistic democratic elections to achieve.

Now, have you detected any irony? :p

C K said...

I think we're thinking along the same line. To be honest, I am not against child labour. That is much better than wondering aimlessly around, committing crimes and gathering scrapes.