Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sex and the City - unforgettable scenes

I'm never a fan of the series. Don't get me wrong, it was great for the first and second series but it gets kind of tiring after watching seemingly sophiscated and well heeled ladies whining about what they have and pining about what they don't.

Carrie managed to sabotage just about every relationship that she came into because of Mr. Big; Charlotte forever looking for the perfect marriage; Samantha on her countless sexual conquests; Miranda in her constant juggling of her love life and her career.

But after taking the plunge and watching the show, I had to eat my words. This show is one of those that changes your outlook in life and here's some unforgettable scenes (warning, spoilers ahead!):

Auld Lang Syne
When she fell out with Big, Carrie spent the New Year's Day alone eating Nissin Cup Noodles. Auld Lang Syne played in the background, adding a tinge of sadness to it all.

Forgiveness on Brooklyn bridge
Miranda drove Steve out out their apartment when she found out that he has cheated on her. Steve, one of the most likable male character (second only to Aidan), tried to win her back to no avail. They went on to see a marriage counsellor who asked them to meet at the centre of Brooklyn Bridge if they decided to accept each other for who they are. Needless to say, when Miranda ran to the bridge, she found Steve there waiting for her.

Samantha stuffing herself
Samantha, who found monogamy tortourous, tried means and ways to stay faithful to Smith, the guy who saw her through her cancer treatment. She went to the extent of stuffing herself in order to distract herself from the hunk who moved in next door and gained a flabby love handle as a result.

Although Samantha ultimately leave Smith, she has never sacrificed so much for a guy. Poor Smith though...

Charlotte's happy
When trying to comfort Miranda, Carrie and Samantha rationalised that it was normal not to 'be happy' every single day in a relationship. Charlotte begged to differ.
"Well, I'm not happy every single moment, but I'm happy every single day!", she declared.

I really think that we can really take away something from that.

Carrie's simple wedding suit
After Big's formal proposal towards the end of the show, Carrie married Big in a civil wedding, with only the presence of other queing couples, wearing an elegant white wedding suit.

That, to me, pretty much sums up the entire story of four women who found what they're looking for in the Big Apple.

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Falcon said...

my favourites scenes are the *censored* ones...lol

but to be honest sex and the city thaught me that when women are a different species than men...

C K said...

'censored' scenes... are there any scenes that are censored in that show? Hmm... I don't remember any. But hey, I wouldn't know whether there are any in the first place if I was watching the censored version, would I? lol

eastcoastlife said...

Got censored scenes!? :P

I didn't watch the show after the first few episodes. Not suitable for Asians, very different from our Asian values.

C K said...

Er...ok. You mean the tv series.. Yep, I gave up after watching the second season. But I think, like Friends, a whole new generation of women grew up with the four characters!

Jasmine Shanea said...

I love the show! Although it just makes women have very very high expectations of men, which I must say not all men have loads of money like those in the show (I always wondered how SJP always managed to get those loaded guys to splurge on her). But I still am a big fan. Great movie and I'm glad you enjoyed it too! :) Rare for a guy to like such at movie like SATC

Taitai said...

Loved the series, saw the behind-the-scenes on HBO but not the movie.

I personally thought the series was about not settling for less, the "sex" part was just to sell the series. People fell in love with it because Carrie, the central character, held universal values we all can share, Eastern or Western.

Little Entrepreneur said...

I agree with the Taitai- this is a quote from Carrie: “I thought I had come to terms with my looks the year I turned thirty, when I realized I no longer had the energy to be completely superficial.”


waitingkitty said...

Your post makes me wanna watch the movie although I am not a fan of the TV series...
My hubby is not really interested, but I will try to drag him :p

C K said...

@jasmine shanea,
Well, not all the guys in the show are rich. At least Steve wasn't.

I think it's one of those movie that gives you this fuzzy feeling. But hey, like any regular guy, I love Kungfu Panda as well!

C K said...

I think it's anit subjective when considering what exactly constitutes 'settling for less'. Some of us just have different expectations as we grow... more sophiscated.

Anyway, what are some values do you think Carrie has that you can associate with? Hmm... no serious, I'm jsut abit curious.

C K said...

@little entreprenuer,
Oh, I missed that statement. That's the thing about the show, it's peppered with these bits of 'wisdom' that just makes one stop and think.

C K said...

Hmm... I know of some friends who prefer to go with their gal friends instead... You might want to do just that. :p

waitingkitty said...

Hey, just wanna let you know that I went to the Sex and the City movie with hubby. And we both enjoyed it. After that, we spent about 2 weeks downloading the whole HBO series(season 1~6) and just finished watching all 2 nights ago. :D

C K said...

Really? Wife and I couldn't take it beyond the 3rd series... quite disturbed by the ficklemindedness of the 4 gals. Haha...

We're now trying to get our hands on StarGate series... subject to the broadband speed...