Monday, June 30, 2008

London attractions : Shakespeare Globe Theatre - Midsummer Night's Dream

Shakespeare-Globe-Theatre-Midsummer-Night's-DreamWatching a play in the Shakespeare Globe Theatre is like having a hotdog in Manhattan or feasting on a durian in Geylang. It's one of those things that a person should do at least once in his life.

Anyway, I ticked it off my list when we managed to get tickets for Midsummer Night's Dream. Like the Buckingham Palace, plays are performed only during the summer so tickets for seats are usually snapped up the moment they're made available online.

Although there are 700 tickets available for standing, many were still queuing up outside the ticket stand hoping to get ticket returns for allocated seats.

Shakespeare-Globe-Theatre-Midsummer-Night's-DreamTraditionally, the seats in the theatre were meant for the royalty, the nobles and those who could afford the extravagance. It's not like they're especially comfortable other than the fact that they're sheltered. In fact, the theatre is making a tidy sum renting seat cushions at one pound per piece.

I would, however, suggest that you get those five pound standing ticket that'll actually get you a better view if you could remain standing throughout the 3hr play.

Incidentally, I realised that the Sat (21 June) that we caught the play was also the summer day with the longest daylight hours. Midsummer indeed!

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kyh said...

Err... Standing for 3 hrs? That's a bit too much. But it's worth it if u love the show. :)

C K said...

I expected those standing to leave in droves after the interval but it seems that they were determined to finish watching the entire play.

::karinuslai:: said...

haha i'm watching romeo and juliet in the globe next week - bought the seated tickets though, since i'm not fond enough of that particular play to remain standing throughout! plus it's actually hard to concentrate on a play if you're feeling tired from standing!

london forum said...

Apparently the globe theatre is putting on shows over Christmas for the first time.

C K said...

Oh, just saw your comment on this. I think those who bought the standing tickets really just wanted a flavour of it. IN fact, a large number of them left during the intermission.

Did you enjoy your Romeo?

@London forum,
Really, didn't know about that. I suppose the tickets are all sold out? Are you heading there for any Christmas show?