Sunday, June 8, 2008

Slacking Sunday - How not to catch a rabbit

There was this competition on which is the most effective intelligent agency in the world. The top three agencies, CIA, Mi6 and KGB were pitted against each other. Singapore's ISD (Internal Security Department) was picked as the wildcard entrant.

The task was simple: Four rabbits were released into the wild and each agency was tasked to bring back a rabbit alive.

A day later, Mi6 reported back with the rabbit. Bruised and battered, the rabbit managed to survive the ordeal. The other three agencies were nowhere to be seen.

CIA produced its rabbit on the second day - in a body bag. Riddled with bullets, it was clear that the rabbit went through hell before being put out of its misery. Despite the judges' protest, CIA held a press conference with 'Mission Accomplished' as the backdrop.

On the third day, KGB returned with a huge black bear, which was seemed suspiciously submissive and meek. The judges were baffled and appalled when the bear cried out, "No... no more! I'm a rabbit, I'm a rabbit!" before fainting and had to be revived by a pail of freezing water.

A week later, the agents sent by ISD appeared in front of the judges - empty handed. Their team leader looks rather apologetic, having failed a seemingly simple task, tried to explain what actually happened,
"Well, we did catch the rabbit, which was limping due to fatigue, on the very first day... but it wanted to go to the toilet..."

Special thanks to K and PY for contributing the above joke and the previous one as well. Their brand of humour is very uniquely Singaporean indeed.

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Wenbin Nah said...

I actually thought it was a real competition....... Until i read the 2nd paragraph

C K said...

@wenbin nah,
Haha... erm. Sorry about that. :p

eastcoastlife said...

Wahlau! Who say Singaporeans are not creative, lack humour and wit!? laugh die me....

the Bushie said...

Just letting you know you've been reviewed. You don't have to publish this comment if you don't want to, couldn't find a contact or 'about' page to post it on.

SheR. said...

Very good joke!! Thanks for sharing!

lancerlord said...

wah piangz.

C K said...

It took me awhile to get the punchline.

@the bushie,
Thanks for the review! Cheers!