Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Giant Fans for London Underground

We arrived in London during the late summer of 2007. Though the temperature hovered at around 25C, it was never near the 30C that we've grown accustomed to back in Singapore. However, we were told that we missed the heat wave that brought temperatures across London to over 30C. Now, that's global warming in your face.

London was never built for warm weather. in fact, most buildings are designed in anticipation for the cold. Instead of air conditioner, heaters and insulation are found in almost every room. In fact, Sher. mentioned in one of her comment that she... er... wore very little in her flat when she was in London.

If conditions on the surface is bad, London Underground (aka the Tube) is worse. The temperature hit 40C in some train carriages in 2007. When the temperature hits 23C in London last week, people were already fainting in the Tube as temperature pushed beyond 30C.

For this reason, air conditioning will be installed in trains running along Hammersmith & City line and Metropolitian line by 2010. Meanwhile, giant fans are brought into 40 stations across the network to cool things down. They don't work as well but at least it's a respite from the suppressing heat.

In the meantime, I'll bring along a bottle of ice water for my Tube journey. Cheers!

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LadyBanana said...

Plus the fact that it's so overcrowded that you've probably got your head stuck up someones sweaty armpit!

C K said...

Especially if you (like me) aren't a giant. I had my face practically in another guy's face just now. Hmm... probably be a pretty gal next time. lol!

Anonymous said...

I find the soaring temperatures overseas rather severe compared to back home...somehow, our local weather has humidity that sort of makes it more bearable compared to the extreme dryness in other parts of the world. I experienced this in Australia. I definitely prefer my summer in Malaysia.

eastcoastlife said...

Oh... they really don't have air con in UK!!

SheR. said...

All right¨.. Who's talking about me??? Eh.. I'm at home.. so who cares:P

Croatia's weather has been hot hot since the last two weeks.. Not a single drop of rain. And everyone's heading for the beach! Imagine the beach swarming with white floating blocks (sometimes red) :P

I hate the Tube. My fiance had to take it to work daily and the temperature was over 40 in 2006!
Good luck to you folks in London!

C K said...

@my bug life,
I've not experienced hot and dry weather yet. But I really dislike humid weather. All the sweat reminds me of my army days... :)

C K said...

Heh heh, don't get too excited. Most of the time, there's really no need for aircon over here. So it depends on whether you want to spend on a device that you'll probably use only a couple of times a year.

C K said...

I could not but conjure up that image whenever the temp rises. Ok, enough of that.

I've acquired the skills of internal temp regulating... I stay cool when it's warm and vice versa. :)

kyh said...

40C in the Tube? I would've fainted on the spot.

C K said...

You know what? You wouldn't fall even if you have fainted as the Tube is packed with everybody's face in someone else's. :0

xiaocangshu said...

Wow isn't that how they describe a packed Tokyo subway?

C K said...

I think the main similarity here is the huge volume of commuters that both systems are meant to support.

One thing that I appreciate though... the Tube is so crammed (during peak hours) that you can't possibly fall even though you're not holding on to any support! :p