Saturday, July 19, 2008

Half a million on strike in the UK - part 2

this is a continuation from an earlier post.

Will it work?

You bet it will. Looking at Labour's track record, the government will eventually cave in if the strikes are prolonged. The unions, with its vast 'war chest', have enough to sustain the strikes for an extended period of time. In a short run, the people who chose to walk out will benefit from any compromises the government will make.

However, it is a zero sum game. The money will have to come from somewhere. Though well funded, the Bank of England cannot possibly keep on printing money and at the same time trying to keep inflation in check. After awhile the workers will realise that their spoils from the strikes is not going will diminish in value sooner than expected. What then? More strikes?

If the charade continues, the only people who'll suffer will be those who aren't union members who will suffer in silence while law abidingly paying taxes and getting inconvenienced by the breaking down of public services.

The end game…

After awhile, even those on strikes will realise that this is not sustainable and yearn for the time when there is a firm hand steering the country. Will the next general election be a mandate for the Conservatives? Brown has already indicated that he will be stepping down as the PM during the next election but it seems that barring a miracle, it's highly unlikely that the next government will be a Labour one.

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LadyBanana said...

I want to go on strike - working in the NHS I only got a measly 2% pay rise.. hmmmm

capybara said...

Gordon Brown was never elected as PM by the voters of this country and this is fundamentally wrong. This has to be the worst Prime minister in history and hopefully these strikes will bring the government down sooner rather than later. The Conservatives will be in power next time round.

Guttu said...

Strikes only create mess. But such things have to be done otherwise you don't get what you deserve. That's bad..

C K said...

That sucks..sorry to hear that. I really hope that you'll eventually get a better deal.

C K said...

I think that's the general sentiment, which can be seen from the recent by-election.

But it's a little tad harsh to say that he's the worst PM in history. :p

C K said...

You may be right... but it doesn't really have to be like that. Like I said, the people who suffer most at the end of the day are the rest of us who don't belong to any unions.