Saturday, July 26, 2008


I've never participated in a meme before and have been dubious about how it works. But then again, there's always a first time and this seems like fun.

Anyway, I was tagged by Thomas @ Hello Mother, Hello Father and here are the rules:

  1. List the rules on your blog.
  2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
  3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
Here goes...
  1. I have never blog a single day of my life before I came to London... and have been spending too much time on it ever since.
  2. After spending more than a year in London, I've not managed to cover all the tourist hotspots; never been on London Eye, never been on a Thames river cruise, never been in Westminster Abbey, never seen 10 Downing etc...
  3. I'm here in London with my wife and if not for her, I would probably be coop up at home every single day.
  4. Love movies, plays and musicals. I can spend hours in a museum and London is probably the best place for such things.
  5. Love to travel but hate the hassle of planning. The one thing that I hate more is to be on a group tour; following a fix routine when travelling will kill me.
  6. Not very particular about food. I suspect that my tastebuds are dead... I almost finished a stale fish once. lol
  7. Can't take high temperature. Was plagued with headaches when I visited Singapore a couple of months back. Hmm... 20-23C will be just nice for me.
I'm tagging waitingkitty @ Simply Life, Wenbin @ Better Interpersonal Communication, Sher @ Ur Resident Chef, Lina @ Urutoranohi, kyh @ tiMes JoUrNaL, Capybara @ Worldwide Travel Blog, ECL @ East Coast Life.

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Dutchie said...

ck, believe me, u hv seen n experienced alot in London. U certainly made the effort !

I've visited most of the West European cities/capitals n yet I've not seen much of my 2nd homeland. I suspect that alot of the locals here did the same. It is somehow more interesting over the borders I guess ? Most of my neighbours are making their tracks to the South with their caravans or flying to some exotic places for their summer holidays as we "speak" !

kyh said...

Nobody will ever take their time exploring their own homeland... Sometimes tourists see things better than us! On the outskirts of my city are paddy fields. And those who hail from big cities like KL or areas down south have never got the chance to see them in reality b4, and they got all excited when they see one big, sprawling field with farmers working on it! To us, it's just a common sight so no one cares to bother or appreciate its beauty.

Thanks for the tag, though I doubt I'd hv the time to do it. Will try anyway. And I just realise u've added me to ur blogroll... Geez... Thx! :D

C K said...

Well, I did make the effort to. But London is really so much more. In fact, when my friends visited some time back, I had to plan a London Tour for them and I realised we had to skip a number of attractions to fit within the week or so they're here.

Frankly, I'm surprised that most Londoners would prefer places like South East Asia (minus Singapore, as it's too much of a city) than their countryside. Perhaps these places are more 'exotic' like you said.

C K said...

No worries about the tag and blogroll. Just a way to thank my regular commentators and showcase an interesting blog.

Anyway, I'm really surprised that some of my Londoner friends have not been to the Globe Theatre, never attended a Red Bull Air Race, never rowed in Hyde Park before.

But then again, I've never taken the Singapore Eye before and will not be watching the F1 Night Race in Singapore... so I guess you're right. We tend not to appreciate our own city as much as the 'tourists'.

Dutchie said...

Wow ck, u r the perfect host leh ! The last time we went to the States , my old chum make it clear that lodgings r free, food in the fridge has to be restocked after use ! As for sight-seeing, we hv to work it out ourselves. She has no interest in tramping along ! We did hire a car for our 6 weeks' tour. The canyons n parks were breath-taking !

But where art thou - the affordable lodgings in London ?

Dutchie said...

kyh, u r perceptive ! B4 I met my Dutch hubby, my life in Sg centers around Orchard Rd (work, play n resides nearby). Through him I became aware that our tiny island has alot to offer n to see ! And indeed, he does know so much more abt Sg !

capybara said...

I'm flattered that you have linked to my site in your Meme and Thanks very much. As you know I recently posted one of these and it is a bit of fun and a refreshing change from normal blogging. Because I have only recently posted one I will not do this one but your link will be added to the earlier one.
Regards Mark

C K said...

Believe me, it was really tiring. I wondered why I actually offered in the first place. Perhaps your friend gone through it previously, that's why she left you guys to your own devices...

My friends have got some subsidised accomodation when they were here... from some corporate stuff apparently. But I'm sure there're a couple hostels around.

C K said...

No worries on that. Like I mentioned, it's a way to thank my regular commentators. Cheers!