Friday, July 4, 2008

Prom Night Celebrations

It's the time of the year when GCSE students are preparing for their proms. It seems that each batch of students are trying to outdo their predecessors.

These 16 year olds are not content with just a makeover, gowns and suits. They're boosting the limousine rental industry by appointing the monstrous vehicle as the unofficial ride to the party. Others are more creative by renting fire engines (I didn't know you can do that…). One even arrived in a helicopter! Talk about arriving in whirlwind.

I didn't exactly have a prom during my O-levels. Coming from an all boys school, it seems kind of weird dancing among ourselves and there wasn't any sane girl who would accept an invitation to a party with testosterone charged juveniles. So it was a non event for us.

The prom after our A-levels is much more happening. That was the first time I get some decent shirt and pants, which was kind of pathetic when everyone else turned up in suits. Our class pooled our resources together and got a luxurious hotel room, which we bunked in after the party. It was a helluva great time even though no fire engines or helicopters were involved.

Do you remember any crazy things you did for prom?

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waitingkitty said...

Prom Night! Wow! Sure brought back lots of memories...I remember wearing a red bustier dress with high heels. Super HOT! :D

C K said...

Well, you wouldn't happen to have a softcopy of a photo of that, would you?

LadyBanana said...

No such thing when I was growing up in Oxfordshire, we had the occasional school disco but that was it!

C K said...

School disco with a fruit punch bowl that was surprisingly popular I sure... :)

waitingkitty said...

I have the photo on my facebook account! Are you on facebook too? Can add you as friend if you u want.

C K said...

I don't know.. I'm not too hot about Facebook. I know, it's the most 'in' thing now in social marketing but I'm just a bit slow in that aspect. :)