Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cars adopted by New York, Singapore and London.

Was walking along New Bond Street the other day and it just dawned to me how different cities seemed to 'adopt' different cars.

In New York, it's definitely the gas guzzling SUVs; the bigger the better, it doesn't matter even if there's just a petite lady driving it. Essentially, most of the energy is being used to move that chunk of metal around.

In Singapore's case, Japanese cars rule the roads. Hondas and Toyotas have overtaken Mercedes as the ride of choice. Known for their fuel efficiencies, these low cost cars tops the car sales list year after year. However, their popularity have somewhat gave way to Korean and Chinese cars in the last few years.

For London however, you'll bound to find at least a handful of Mni Coopers along a busy stretch of road. It makes perfect sense as negotiating London's narrow cobbled streets require something that's nifty yet powerful. It does help that these zippy BMW machines were portrayed in as rather cool toys in The Italian Job (2003).

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Eaststopper said...

IN Paris, expect to see a lot of those SMART cars zipping around the boulevards ... :-)

C K said...

SMART cars? Is that like the make of the car? Sounds like a generic name to me.

Will look out for it during my next trip to Paris. :)

lina said...

We love Mini Coopers. Sure nice to have one. :-)
for the time being, we settled with national made cars. :-)

yanjiaren's blog. said...

Now with the recession looming in the States SUV's are out and Toyota Hybrids are in..about time too lol..

C K said...

Yeah! Protons all the way!

I'm not too familiar with Protons but how do they compare with Japanese cars?

C K said...

Frankly, I'm surprised why there aren't more hybrid stations catering to such vehicles given the high fuel costs.

It's really a chicken and egg situation isn't it? People wouldn't get hybrid cars unless there are services provided for it while services wouldn't be provided unless there are more hybrid cars!

AxedbyDax said...

Nice cars. I like your blog.Its very cool to the eyes.By the way i just added you to my blogroll..Cheers

Anonymous said...

I love the Minis..they are so cute and stylish...my dream car :)

C K said...

Thanks for the link. Mmm... my first car would definitely be a Mini.

C K said...

@my bug life,
Oh, really? Welcome to the club!

Guttu said...

I am with fuel efficient cars. I don't like the luxurious as they eat or rather drink more. In India it's mostly fuel efficient. The majority of car slot is taken by maruti suzuki

C K said...

Like you, I've got no idea why people will go for fuel guzzlers. It simply doesn't make any sense does it?

kyh said...

I hate Protons, though my family currently owns one.

lina said...

We own a Perodua Kelisa car. Despite the bad press, Protons car are OK to us but maybe the design are not too imaginative and innovative. But hey! that's just me.
OTH, we love our Kelisa since it doesn't guzzle up petrol as much as other cars.

WebbieStuffs said...

It has been an issue here in Europe as well (western part). Cars are a decision. But the governemnt encourages not so gassy cars and give incentives on some types of cars by subsidy and not making them to expensive for the public.

C K said...

Any particular reason why? If it's not apparently already, I'm as knowledgeable as the average hamster when it comes to cars.... lol

C K said...

To me, so long that the vehicle moves, have four wheels and transport me from point A to B, I'll be perfectly happy.

But for now, I prefer public transport... at least within London itself.

I guess that unless you live in central KL, it'll be a bit inconvenient to reply sole on buses. I recalled having a hard time trying to catch one the last time I was there.

C K said...

I think Europeans are more environmental conscious when selecting their cars. Either that or the govt's incentives are working.

Either way, hybrids or at least fuel efficient cars the way to go.

Dutchie said...

4 yrs back I heard that a stretched limo in NYC cost U$ 150 an hour. Man .. that would be quite a trip, dont u think guys ?

ck, I enjoyed The Italian Job - still wonders how they managed to drill thru the concrete floor to drop the safe underwater, 3 floors below ?

C K said...

I have no idea too. My best bet would be that they've weakened the concrete floor so that the whole floor collapse when something remotely heavy lands on it.