Monday, August 18, 2008

London's ice cream trucks

The sweet ringing from the the local ice-cream man has always been one of those things that I looked forward to everyday. I remembered dragging Dad out to get my favorite magnolia vanilla ice-cream whenever I heard the bell. However, my penchant for ice-cream subsided in my teens and the ice-cream man's bell ringing became one of the many background noises.

Apparently, Londoners and the millions of tourists the thronged the city are still in love with their ice-cream. Instead of the bicycle that I was familiar with, ice-cream is now served over a small counter on mini trucks, which are strategically parked at all major tourist attractions.

For £1, you'll get small scoop of vanilla flavored ice-cream in a biscuit cone. For 20p more you'll have a (equally small) chocolate biscuit thrown in. An affordable summer treat for the kids (and many adults) I would say. What surprises me however, is that its popularity doesn't seem to wane even as the autumn winds set in.

Hmm… come to think of that, I do miss the ringing of the ice-cream man's bell.

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capybara said...

We had such a bad summer last year one entrepenuer stated selling bangers and mash in a cone from his van Yuck! You can't beat the traditional ice cream cone though. My favourite is the 99 with two chocolate flakes

C K said...

lol, I can't really imagine how bangers and mash would look like perching out from an ice-cream cone.

The funny thing is that I can't seem to get those 99p variety. Even though it's displayed on the side of the truck, all they have are bigger cones that are a bit more expensive...

cc said...

Cute truck! Nothing's like the ringers of ice-scream truck. Makes me happy!

Dutchie said...

ck, u sure bring back happy childhood memories :-) It was a big treat whenever my mom would take us to the carpark in front of our home n allow us to choose.

Did u ever try making ur own float - vanilla ice cream in a cold tall glass of coke - yum !

In later years I preferred the oblong stick - sweet corn, chendol, coconut, redbeans, etc,
Yum :)

SheR. said...

Oh I see someone couldn't resist the temptation of Mr Whippy yeah? :P
Did you get a flake to go with it?

lina said...

ice cream... yumm
I love Magnolia ice cream when I was small - but now it's been upgraded to the cripplingly expensive Haagen Dazs ice cream. :p
we still have the ice cream man selling from a motorbike here. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ice cream trucks aren't common sight here. We have the ice cream man making his round on his motorcycle with loud music blaring...I must say the music kinda irritates me..:) But I love ice cream.

mikesblender said...

Hmm, 1 pound seems like a lot for a little ice cream...
Still, wish we had more ice cream trucks here in Tokyo!

On another note, would you be interested in a link exchange? I'm an expat living in Japan.

I've linked you up already.



Renee said...

When I hear an ice cream truck I think of my childhood. Where I live you really don't see them anymore. In the neighborhood that we have been living in they have shown up twice in almost 8 years. Both times kids came out of nowhere. People ran out of their houses to get ice cream.

waitingkitty said...

We have ice cream trucks in HK too. It's the "Mister Softie" ice cream trucks which is white and blue in colour. Other than the vanilla soft cream, they sell other prepacked Magnolia or Nestle ice cream cones and sticks. Great when the weather is this's 34 deg celcius today...

C K said...

It does bring back childhood memories doesn't it? :)

You know what? After reading your comment, I'm gonna get a can of root beer and treat myself to an ice cool root beer float!

I love those oblong sticks as well (redbeans and durian's my favorite) but they tend to melt quite fast and became a mess quite soon after. Have got to finish them within a few minutes. Normally, I'll just pop the entire stick into my mouth. :)

Haha, I suddenly recall that it's called a 'flake'. I just couldn't recall what's it is called and ended up typing 'chocolate biscuit' instead. lol. Oh yeah, a 'flake' is a must for me.

So does he sound his horn when he's in the vicinity? Now I can't shake the image of the ice-cream man selling Haagen Daz out of my mind...

@my bug life,
Hey, whatever works to attract your attention. Well, it did get you buy some ice-cream, didn't it? :)

After being accustomed to London food prices, food seems relatively cheap elsewhere. But I can imagine Tokyo having similarly high prices as well, no?

Thanks for the link! Actually, there's no need for you to do that. I'll put your link up if you're a regular commentator to this blog. :) Will be putting your link up in a jiffy.

Woah, I'm sure the sight of people stumbling over each other must have terrified the ice-cream truck driver. lol. Given the demand, I'm suprised that the truck isn't there more often.

Hmm... I can't imagine 34C now atummn is setting onto London. So how much does a stick cost in HK?

lina said...

@C K,
they use bells in my area. Of course I don't see much of them anymore living in an apartment complex. (they're not allowed in)
They're still around at the beach area. :-)

Dutchie said...

ck, I read in Todayonline this morning that Swensen is offering ice cream mooncakes - strawberry cheesecake, ginger apple cinnamon, rock melon, hazelnut chocolate, chendol, bandung, durian n chewy chocolate !! 4 pcs for S$ 25,90

I still haven't gotten over some strange flavours that some hotels are churning out - give me the traditional tau-sa with double yolks anytime lah !