Friday, August 8, 2008

Olympics and the Chinese

Managed to catch the Olympics Opening Ceremony held in Beijing on BBC. The 3 hour ceremony was held In China's capital at 8pm (Beijing time) or 1pm (London time).

Had to sacrifice my lunchtime for it but heck, it was well worth it. Although I managed to catch just the first hour of the ceremony, the two thousand and eight drummers thoroughly impressed me with their opening act.

I get the feeling that It's going to be uploaded onto YouTube as I type so do look for it there if you've missed it.

Once again, China has exhibited that it can mobilize large number of people (around 15,000 performers) and it was apparent that the performances require such a high degree of military precision that will put some modern armies to shame. It's really a Chinese thing isn't it? To them, nothing seems impossible if enough manpower is being mobilized. Think 'Great Leap Forward'.

However, the world can take comfort that the present China really take the effort to engage the world. Although there are grumblings about China's human rights record and environmental issues, the Central Kingdom seems to the beacon of hope compared to the likes of North Korea, Iran and increasingly Russia. It's really a 'face' issue… once again, it's a Chinese thing.

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capybara said...

I missed the ceremony but caught the highlights on the News. Who knows Singapore might break their medals tally total this year he he! I have been unable to access your blog for a while as you had access restrictions on it. Will add you back to my drops list.
Regards Mark

ItinerantSyndicate said...

I was listening to the Stephanie Miller morning show this morning and became schooled to the negative impact that Olympic games generally have on the city that is hosting them. Poor people displaced money spent (40,000,000,000 spent on Beijing)Seems the real winners are the corporate sponsors.

LadyBanana said...

I just watched highlights and it was very impressive - just had to blog about it!

C K said...

Thanks for adding me back to your drop list. Hmm, honestly, I don't think Singapore have much hope in securing a medal in this year's Games. Sports isn't really Singaporeans' priority regardless of what our government chooses to belive.

C K said...

Thanks for stopping by!

I would think that hosting the Games holds quite a bit of intangible benefits. However, it does seem that the lower strata of the society doesn't benefit as much.

C K said...

It was impressive isn't it? I am thinking what London can offer a couple of years later... perhaps have some knights charging into the stadium...? :p

lina said...

I missed the firs hour of the ceremony. But what I saw for the next couple of hours was impressive nonetheless.
Have to see how the Malaysian team will fare as any athlete who can bring home a gold medal will become instant millionaire!

Deb said...

Olympics last night, Singapore NDP today.. I have overdose of fireworks.

kyh said...

Impressive right? Esp the fireworks, huge drawing scrolls and thousands of human bank notes... But if compared to Athens' Opening Ceremony, I still think that the 2004 one is more entertaining. :P

Glad that you're back.. I thought I wont be able to access your blog for the rest of my life! :P

C K said...

Ahh... you must catch the first 15min of the opening ceremony!! I thought that the 2008 (two thousand and eight) dummers were impressive.

So how much will the Malaysian Gold, Silver or Bronze medallist haul back this time round? :)

C K said...

I miss the fireworks in Singapore's NDP. But hey, over here in London, people just set off fireworks every now and then in their own garden.

We were a bit shocked initially but after awhile got used to it... and just enjoy it out from our window.

C K said...

Guess that I can't really stay away from blogging for long, can I? :p

You know what? I can't really remember how the Athens' Opening Ceremony went but I would say that London will have big shoes to fill in 2012.

eastcoastlife said...

Yes, it's a face thingy and we Chinese have got lots of Face now!! Wheee!

What a spectacular and dazzling opening ceremony! My foreign friends and I were blown away!

eastcoastlife said...

er... why did you lock your blog a few days ago? I need password to read it and can't drop cards.

C K said...

Hmm... come to think of it. I would consider myself more of a Singaporean than Chinese. It's really wierd isn't it? I mean, we look physically (well almost) the same as those from PRC but yet...

I'm happy for the Chinese, really. But I feel a bit uncomfortable when my colleagues asked me whether I'm proud of the way China pulled out that Opening Ceremony, if you know what I mean.

Oh, really sorry for taking down the blog. I was on to some matters and I thought that I should really concentrate on it and took the site offline. Wierd reasoning but somehow worked for me.

Miss me leh? lol

Don said...


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waitingkitty said...

Now China really FACE BIG BIG!

C K said...

I'm sure about that. I'm jsut wondering there is an equivalent of the 'face' issue in the other culture.

Anyone care to comment on that?

Guttu said...

I missed that ceremony. trying to find it in torrents. YouTube is not my type of quality. I don't like that site.

Anonymous said...

allo, allo ck,

Long time no hear leh - after reading the comments here I understand why ur blog was inaccessible for a while. I got lots to read .. for tomorrow ;->

Rite, hats off to the Grand Master, Mr. Zhang Yimou for putting this show together. Enjoyed every minute of it. So star-stuck I was that I forgot to tape it for my hubby who was away
:( Anyone know where I can get a repeat of the first hour ?

Dutchie said...

erm .. ck ...

That Anon is me, sorry for punching the wrong key :(

C K said...

Hi again! I thought you were gone for good. lol! Glad to have you back.

You could access the entire opening ceremony over here. But take note that it'll only be up there till this Thurs.

So which is your favorite part?

Dutchie said...

Glad that u r back ck ! U had a week's blackout n I'm sure most of us here had symptoms of acute withdrawls - haha !

Thanks for the links - BBC network is impressive !

My fave part ? Every bit of it ! Even sat thru 3.5hrs just to see the Sg n Dutch team moving into the stadium - was a long wait cos they came in almost last of the parade.