Sunday, August 3, 2008

Slacking Sunday - Waitrose in Marylebone

Was strolling along Marylebone High Street when I looked up and saw the Waitrose clock against the clear blue sky.


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SheR. said...

Whatever happened to your blog mate???

Was getting all worried here! :P

Have you learnt how to pronounce Marylebone yet?

C K said...

Glad to have you stop by. Had to take it down for a couple of days so that I can concentrate on some stuff. Really sorry about that. I must be missed terribly, no? lol

Isn't it pronounced as Mary-le-bone?

Anonymous said...

Yes, what happened to your blog?? I thought you vanished..hahhaha.

I really liks this photo. Great shot!

C K said...

@my bug life,
Real sorry about that. :p

Come on, those photos on your site are absolutely delightful. I love those rambutan shots that you posted on your 100th post. :)