Friday, September 12, 2008

AQA - your friendly helpline

AQA-helpline-63336You have just reached London and looking for a good pub within walking distance of Southwark, who would you ask? There's a football match this evening and you're not quite sure about the kick-off time, who would you ask? You can't agree with your pal on when Battle of Hastings took place, who would you ask for confirmation?

AQA (or Any Question Answered) has served Britons and Irish well is that aspect. The service is exactly like its name and it promises that it will answer any question you throw to them within 15min to 30min.

Needless to say, the service does not come free. Each sms answer, with a maximum of 160 characters will set you back by £1. Not only that, each answer is guranteed to be informative, accurate and light hearted.

So what are the most common question asked? You'll be surprised. Other than "How big is the universe?", the most common questions asked are actually "Does he (or she) likes me?", "What will be the name of my first (unborn) child?". You catch the drift.

Of course, not all questions are as frivolous (for the lack of a better word). Some are more sombre… "How long can one live when the cancer has spread to the bone?". Some are a bit cheeky… "Who are you AQA? How do I know whether your answers are correct?". Others are just factual… "When does the earliest train depart from Liverpool Street Station to Leeds?".

Why not send a question via sms to 63336 the next time you're stumped. Or even better still visit their website and get a free question answered. Sorry people, the service is for those residing in the UK and Ireland only.

Now… I wonder what's the winning combination for the next lotto draw...

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Fëanor said...

Winning lotto numbers? You saw them here first: 02 17 26 28 42 46.

lina said...

I might just try use that no combination for myself! :D

C K said...

Got that. If I strike the top prize, rest assured that I'll transfer a quid into your account. :)

C K said...

Hey! I saw it first.... oh, actually you did.

Fëanor said...

@Lina, @CK: Okay, that'll be a quid from each of you should you win. I'm maintaining a spreadsheet for the purpose :-)

C K said...

I'm already planning on how I'll be spending my millions. Hmm... I think I'm gonna need more than a spreadsheet for that. :)

Dutchie said...

ck, in every dutch sentences, there is an expression used. I hv been stumped by alot of these expressions. For example : the best(marine)navigator r found on the shore. I hv asked n no one could provide an answer :-(

As for the winning lottery numbers u hv Yuri Geller living in the same neck of the woods - dare him to prove that he is a mind reader !

C K said...

LOL.... well, I'm backing on feanor's set of numbers... it'll be my ticket back home.... :)

As for Yuri, other than bending spoons, I wouldn't trust him with my lotto number though. Feanor, on the other hand, is entirely dependable. lol

Dutchie said...

Well alright, Í'm heading for the toto shop. I need 2 tickets for our year end visit to Sg as well.

If I don't strike, I'm going to collect from fëanor .... I hope he is reading this .. wink, wink ..