Saturday, September 27, 2008

Canary Wharf Tube - London Underground


Will be back tomorrow with an exciting new post. Cheers!

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Emm said...

What an amzing picture. Really stunning.

kyh said...

woot! a subway with skylight!

Jacqueline said...

Whoa! Quite interesting. Thanks for sharing. :-)

C K said...

If the designer is going for the futuristic look, I think he/she got it.

Well, it does save some electricity lighting up the place. :)

Thanks for dropping by. Cheers!

Emm said...

Yeah - the whole of Canary Wharf is lovely and modern. I wish I worked there.

Joeru said...

Now I know why my colleague was telling me it somehow makes her feel like she's back in Raffles Place MRT.... or was it City Hall? lol

Meaghan Fitzgerald said...

My favourite escalator in all of London :)

EastCoastLife said...

That's a lovely design for a subway. Looks like a mall.

C K said...

Was just telling my colleague the other day that I would prefer not to stay in Canary Wharf as it reminds me of downtown Singapore, which is pretty built up. I didn't travel halfway round the globe for this. lol

LOL, exactly! That was what my friend (who bought me the kaya) said too. It's like Raffles Place...

@meaghan fitzgerald,
Really? I guess it does fit into the area with its design and all. :)

It does lead to the mall, which opens up from Canary Wharf Tube Station. Well, I guess there will be similar looking designs back home once the casino(s) are up and running. :p

Emm said...

Aaah. Maybe I should mention that Singapore is on my top 5 list of places I want to live and work before I die. I only spent 36 hours there once on a stopover and i fell in love.

C K said...

I don't think finding work in S'pore is a big issue. The island state is always (and I cannot emphasize it more) looking for 'foreign talents'.

But bear in mind that on one hand, Singapore offers a safe (and some might say sterile) environment to live and work in, some may find it... somewhat less happenning.

Then again, if you're into water sports, Singapore is the place for you. :)

Emm said...

:0) I only speak English though, so that really limits me when I am looking for places to go work. Is much commerce done in English in Singapore?
I can do boring or quiet. But yes, maybe Singapore would prove to be too small for me.

C K said...

Being a former British colony, English is the first language for most Singaporeans though most will speak the language peppered with local slangs.

You should find yourself right at home if you can bear with the consistently warm and humid weather. On the plus side, the food is absolutely fabulous, which is why Singaporeans can't stop talking about food. :p

Size isn't so much of an issue as locals travel quite extensively to neighbouring countries (mainly Malaysia) for their weekend getaways. Bangkok is just a 2hrs flight away, Hongkong and Taiwan is relatively near as well.

It's not too bad really. :)

Emm said...

re you go - Singapore is definitely still in my top 5 and my dreams are more realistically based now too.

1. New York
2. Melbourne
3. Dubai
4. Singapore
5. Brisbane

Love London said...

Yep agree with everyone on this, amazing!