Thursday, September 4, 2008

How to write a popular blog post


Well, I wish I know. This blog was started within the first week of me setting foot upon London and I have been updating it daily, with minor slips here and here, ever since. In it, I documented my travels and my experiences in London.

A dear friend of mine, upon knowing that I would like to increase the traffic to my site, suggested that I write about topics that have proven to be high traffic generators - sex and money. Not that these topics don't appeal to me, it's just that much as I like to, my mind just went blank whenever I tried to write about them. Oh believe me, I've tried. In the meantime, I am resorting to adopting eye catching topic titles like the one above. Cheap thrill.

So here I am, writing about musicals, movies, the quirky side of London and food (oh yes…). In fact, at one point in time, I actually contemplated to convert the blog to a food blog instead. But that would mean alienating around 300 of my posts. So, that will have to wait.

In case you've not noticed, I have written too much about food, way too much in my humble opinion. Just go the the Google search box on the extreme right column of this site, type "food" and you'll see exactly how many there are. It's embarrassing really. But coming from a tiny island, which populace's main passion is food doesn't really help much, does it?

Anyway, ECL has requested that I post about the cost of preparing a homecook meal in London (did I mention that Singaporeans love food?), which of course I will oblige pending my data collection.

Before I sign off, I would like to thank all my frequent commentators, the list of which I have proudly display at the top of this site. Each and every one of your comment is deeply appreciated and I have and will try my utmost (borrowed from Gordan Brown) to respond to all of them. In the meantime, keep them coming.

So… what's next? Look out for a write up on ASAP, a south east Asian fast food that I chanced upon last week. I must emphasize that this is not a food blog. At least not yet.

Cheers, from a Singaporean in London.

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eastcoastlife said...

Oh, thank you for obliging me. hehe...

I just want to compare the living standard in Singapore and London. I want to know how much vegetables and meat cost. How much one can save if we don't eat out often. :)

SheR. said...

Back to terrorise your BLOG!!!! Muahahahahah!!!
No probs mate. I love most of your posts. Though musicals do bore me. I love operas... my last one in London was Carmen! :)

Dutchie said...

ck, am looking forward to ASAP. I know good things will come out :))

Dutchie said...

...good things will come out of it

sorry for the typo error

Deb said...

There's absolutely nothing wrong with writing too much about food. Somehow I myself veer in that direction in my blog, hehe (Sigaporeans are all alike everywhere, eh) and my friends on trips with me think I am funny that I take pics of my food b4 I eat. Even that plate of bee hoon in Sabah (cos Sabah fry bee hoon different from spore) I never did that till I started blogging.

Anyway, food is a BIG part of travel. the 3 meals are always necessary anywhere we are.

lina said...

agree with deb. Food is definitely a big part of traveling (at least for me). Keep the food post coming! :-)

Anonymous said...

In my humble and personal opinion, this is your blog and you can do anything with it...and you don't have to follow the crowd if you don't wish to..unless of course money and blog traffic matters...then perhaps, you may "tailormade" your blog for that purpose. I find simple joy in just blogging for the love of it and as a place for me to express my creativity through words and photos and I post whenever I feel likt it. It goes a long way for me this way rather than having to keep up with the ads and blog traffic.

Hope you find your niche and enjoy it :)

Emm said...

I agree - this is your blog - write what you want in it. I find with blogs, more people are reading them than we realise, so don't be disheartened.

Have you signed up with Expat Blog? That is excellent for the type of posts that you post, about a Singaporean living in London.

I love any of your posts that have to do with being out and about in London.

C K said...

You'll be surprised to find that it's actually cheaper to cook at home over in London as compared to Singapore. I'm comparing like against like here.

Over here, people tend to shun chicken wings and drumsticks. Thus breast meat is way more expensive than chicken wings and drumsticks. If you're sticking to what we cook back home, then you'll be in for a pleasant surprise.

Hey! I thought you've done a disappearing act on me! Was just about to send an email to the S'pore embassy in Croatia. That's assuming there's one in the first place.

Operas? I nearly fell asleep the last time I watched it on tv. Not exactly my cup of tea, I would say. It would probably be better if I understand what they're singing... :)

Like I said, being Singaporeans, how bad can it be when it comes to food? lol

Thanks, appreciate that. Now I know I'm not the only one to take pictures of my food before I eat... provided I'm not too hungry prior to that.

Oh yeah, food is indeed a huge part of our existence. In fact, I'm now thinking of where to go for lunch.

But of course... if only I can write as fast as I can eat. lol

@my bug life,
I've never believe in blogging before I step foot onto London and now I cannot get enough of it. I am still looking for my niche though. Btw, your photos are fascinating. Keep them coming!

Thanks for stopping by. I recalled stopping by your blog and stayed for quite awhile due to that burger post of yours. lol.

Anyway, I've signed up for Expat Blog. Thanks for the heads up. Cheers!

Emm said...


By the way, I'd love to see some of your home recipes. I am struggling to keep my food bill down while making tasty food!

capybara said...

I enjoy reading your blog and you write extremely well. Keep this blog on the theme that it is and slip in the food now and again. I did a post about a Baklava recipe recently and it is amazing how popular it was. Maybe I should start a separate food blog too!

Eaststopper said...

You are spot on with sex and money drawing crowds - not forgetting their cousin Politics. Write on!

Lee said...

OMG CK! Din noe you had a blog!!! :D
That's a great archive of your thoughts there. I'll be sure to add this link to mine.

Why no pictures of your wifey and yourself???

C K said...

Home recipes? I didn't realize how wonderful the oven is till I came here. Even though we have one back home, the ridiculously high ambient temp didn't make it our favorite appliance.

If you're looking for receipes, I would definitely recommend The Resident Chef. Sher (the author) is also a regular commentator in this blog. She is the one to go to for anything remotely to do with cooking. :)

Thanks pal, really appreciate your kind words. You know what? You should start a seperate food blog. In fact, I think we all should, that will be riotious!

Politics? I realized that you have a penchant for that as well. Hmm... not exactly a favorite topic for us from where we come from if you know what I mean. Oh well...

Eh... would be fantastic if I know who you are. I mean, you make it sound as if I should. lol.

Hmm, your blogger profile seemed to be restricted though...

Joeru said...

Hey CK, I think you done a GREAT job updating almost everyday, it takes great determination for that, which for once, I lack! :D My blog simply... collecting pixels of nothing. :D
Enjoys very much reading your blog!

Finally Woken said...

Hi, jumped from entrecard. Similar like you, I'm from Indonesia stranded in Scotland.

Your friend isn't entirely wrong, however, title might be a more important matter that will determine the blog traffic. Once I 'preyed' my readers with a post titled Me and Them: A(n Almost) Lesbian Love Story and my blog traffic was increased 55%. Little did they know I was actually writing about friendships, until they actually read the whole post:).

Having said that, last Thursday I posted a story about a penguin in Edinburgh zoo which was just knighted, and amazingly I've got almost 500 visitors that day. I have a stat counter that gives me weekly report and when I saw it I almost couldn't believe it myself.

So, how to write a popular post? If you can figure it out, please let me know :).

cheers from the granite city

C K said...

Thanks! I try my best. Glad to have you stop by every now and then.

Anyway, there seem to be quite a bit of 'discussion' over at the Mr. Brown thread that you mentioned the last time round.

@finally woken,
Great posts there! It's really the title isn't it? :p