Saturday, September 6, 2008

Marmite by the buckets


I'll be out of town for a couple of days and I'm gonna to leave you with this photo that I took in one of this little quaint shop somewhere in Covent Garden.

Is Marmite a European thing or is it really a British passion? You be the judge.

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Babette said...

What does it taste like?

yanjiaren's blog. said...

HAHA I grew up on Marmite it's ful of B vitamins but I haven't seen it in buckets yet I guess I'd better take my Son to Covent Garden next week lo.

EastCoastLife said...

Oh my! It comes in buckets!? Eat until when ah? :P

Dutchie said...

Oh mine ! I hv never seen them in such huge quantities ! Are the Brits big on marmites ? My first n last experience was when I was very young. I dont like the taste in my porridge. Kikkoman was beter.

In NZ, they hv their own marmite n sells very well in AUS n the pacific Islands. Marmite originated from the UK n they sell their own kind all over the world.

If I'm not mistaken, UK gave us the pleasure of drinking Horlicks too - my favourite drink - yum !

Check Out London said...

Hi CK,

Just added your blog to my blogroll. Would be glad if you added me in yours too.



Nomadic Matt said...

yuck! marmite..yuck!! its like vegimite...blah!!

Anonymous said...

That's scary..when will you finish off that tub! I don't really enjoy marmite..except with porridge when I was growing up.

cchiovitti said...

Oh great, now you've made me hungry AND sad that I'm not at Covent Garden.

Bombchell said...

i tend to hear about marmite, but i doubt i ever tried it. lol i remember googling after i saw some show called secret diary

kyh said...

Wow.... I thought Marmites are in bottles. I love having it in my porridge. :)

C K said...

It has this peculiar taste I would say.... hmm. Perhaps thick light soya sauce will taste the most similar I guess.

I didn't realise that marmite is rich in Vit B?! To think that I grew up dreading it... mum used to spread it liberally in porridge.

Haha, I don't see myself shovelling spoonful of that in while watching tv. Peanut butter is totally different story though...

I have never tried Kikkoman in porridge. Isn't that just soya sauce, no? Hmm... so wherever Britons go, they seem to have brought marmite along. Probably that's why some Singaporeans and Malaysians are besotted with them.

You know what? I have always thought that Horlicks is a Malaysian drink. Hmm... it doesn't seem too popular over here in London though...

@check out London,
Thanks for the blogroll! Cool blog you got there. Will be adding you to my blogroll. Cheers!

@normadic matt,
LOL, either you like it or you hate it. No two ways about it isn't it?

@my bug life,
It seems that a generation of us grew up having that in our porridge. Well, I have not heard of marmite spoiling, have you? :)

Oh, I see that there's another marmite lover here! Well, perhaps I can post the tub to you. lol

So what did the 'Secret Diary' say about marmite? ..."Today, I did the unpardonable... I tasted marmite."

Hey, it seems that a couple of us can start the marmite porridge club! :p

pinky1 said...

Can you please tell me which shop on covent garden?

C K said...

I can't really recall... I remember it's at one of those lanes, which is away from the centre of the action (the Market itself). Sorry about that.

Dutchie said...

ck, Kikkoman is Japanese soya sauce, small bottle with the hour glass shape u usually see at the tables of hawker stalls ?

My mom spoiled us with a wide range of warm drinks - Nestum, Ovaltine, Milo, Van Houten cocao, Horlicks, etc. Nowadays u hv the 3-in-1 drinks of various flavours. I would carry 5 kg's worth when I leave Sg(next to 5kg of bah kwah). Here I hv to contend with only tea, coffee or hot choc melk.
Do u hv more varieties in London ?

C K said...

soy sauce with porridge? Hmm... will be great if you have some pork floss as well. :)

10kg on just foodstuffs alone? lol, I'm surprised that you aren't stopped by the customs. There's quite abit of variety of tea over here in London (as you can imagine). But the favorite is still the English Breakfast... small wonder...

isabella mori said...

marmite or soy sauce in porridge? wow. never heard that. sounds a bit like peanut butter and pickles to me :)

i am originally from germany and live in canada. we have something similar to marmite in germany and it's certainly a nostalgic food for me. many of the british people here, too, get that "look" in their eyes when they speak of marmite. we can buy it here pretty much everywhere but only in tiny little glass jars.

Dutchie said...

ck, we r very adept at spreading the extra weight - 3 kg each in the handbagage n 4-5kg over the limit in our main luggages. The KLM check-in at Changi says that it's okay bec not all passengers uses the maximum weight. I guess shopping in Sg is not what it used to be for most travellers. They find Sg an expensive place to be.

The dutch Customs focusses on electronic goods/faked brand items/pirated DVD's n CD's which could be confiscated n/or a hefty fine issued.

C K said...

I learnt the hard way when I had to forgo over 30kg of stuff when I moved to London - don't ask me how I manage to lug so much stuff to the airport.

I ended up stuffing my Xbox 360 into my handheld luggage. Hmm...

What possibily can we bring back from Singapore that is contraband? Bak Gua perhaps?