Sunday, September 14, 2008

Moon cakes galore in London's Chinatown

moon-cakes-london-chinatownAfter finishing the moon cakes that I got from Chinatown (way ahead of the Mid-Autumn Festival), I had to get some more before they are sold out, which is normally the case over here in London.

Curiously, unlike in Singapore where moon cakes are often sold at wholesale prices at the very last day, the shops in London's Chinatown seem to control the supply (and thus prices) pretty well; you can't find a single retailer selling moon cakes at a penny below the retail price even after the Festival itself.

Anyway, instead of getting a box of four, I resorted to getting the singles (shown here in the picture). Most of them had lotus paste in them, others were filled with pandan and even durian paste.

Unsurprisingly, the double yolk variety were snapped up the moment they were released so I had to make do with the single yolk moon cakes, which is selling out fast as well. Each one was going for £4 - £4.50.
London's Chinatown (Gerrard Street) was decorated with red lanterns throughout since a fortnight back and they do make an impressive photo, don't they?

Time really flies, we celebrated our first Mid-Autumn Festival in London around the same time last year. Oh well, here's to many more Mid-Autumns to come... not to mention the moon cakes as well.

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lina said...

I only have four mooncakes left. :-)

C K said...

Only? Come on... :)

Anyway, any exotic fillings over there in Malaysia? Come to think of it, I should have gottn the durian flavoured one.

Bengbeng said...

Cool blog u have here. I only found out about it through entrecard :)

Happy mooncake festival to u

Dutchie said...

Not even a whiff of mooncakes in my one-horse town .. sob .. sob. I hv been salivating over pix in some Sg publications n in google.

R those u bought imported from Sg ?

lina said...

there are so many weird flavours (for me at least) like the sambal mooncake. I think they put everything and anything in the mooncakes nowadays!
I still haven't tried the jelly mooncakes yet.

BTW, did you take out your tanglung to celebrate? We came back and arrived midnight and there were still children at the lobby area of our apt with their lanterns.

SheR. said...

Oh.. nice mooncakes.. too bad I never was a fan of mooncakes.. I do love those Tao Sa Piah!!! Miss them!!! :P~~~~

cchiovitti said...

Stop it with all the posts making me hungry.

Hungry and jealous. Not a good combo.

Anonymous said...

Get PAID to read emails today!!

Meaghan Fitzgerald said...

Wow, I'll have to high-tail it over to Chinatown to nab some of those. I do quite enjoy moon cakes but always forget to pick them up when they're on sale - I'm in London but there aren't any great Asian food stores of any sort in my area. Great blog - I just discovered it through technorati.

EastCoastLife said...

I have several boxes of good mooncakes left. Nobody likes to eat. Sayang. :(

C K said...

Thanks! Hope your mooncake festival was great too. :)

lol, perhaps you can try baking some over there? May need some help getting the ghee though.

I don't think those that I've gotten are from Singapore. In fact, the better ones sold in Singapore are from HongKong.

Sambal?! That's new. I can't really imagine have a spicy mooncake.... jelly's another thing though, with the sweetness and all.

I didn't get any tanglung in the end. London's Chinatown was selling it for £1.99 each! We did have a mini celebration on a friend's balconey though, which is beside the Thames, watching the full moon.

I love tao sha piah too! I used to gobbled down an entire one in a single mouthful. :p
Why not you send me some lanterns and I'll barter you the tao sha piah?

You know what? I'm munching on a mooncake as I type... hmm...

@meaghan fitzgerald,
Thanks for stopping by! If you've not gotten the moon cakes by now, I don't think you'll be able to get it anymore.

Btw, which part of London are you in? Perhaps there are some undiscovered great eats over at neighbourhood?

Just send them over by DHL.... and I think Sher will be eternally grateful if you can drop some off over to Croatia as well! lol

Meaghan Fitzgerald said...

@C K - near Olympia tube station, sort of Kensington area. I haven't been here for long though, any tips on good eats around there?

C K said...

@meaghan fitzgerald,
Hmm... I have only been there for an exhibition. Am not quite familiar with that area.

Why not check with feanor... he has recommended quite a number when commenting on my posts.

Hey bro, any good eats to recommend over at Olympia Tube Station?

NickTay said...

Hehe...Ya I was there too :)

yanjiaren said...

I am very sad..I had none as my Qing Ren is far far away and I am in Corby so feeling the pinch..sniff sniff..

Dutchie said...

ck, the last time I saw mooncake moulds was in Tai Chung Emporium. That was a long time ago. I supposed they r demolished ? Mould aside, it's hell of a chore to prep the redbean paste. Tinned paste won't do either .. sigh ..

Really ? I never knew good stuff came from Hong Kong. I heard that the sale in Taiwan is really big. I hv a brochure here to salivate some more ;-P

Does the shop stock-up other yummy cakes on the same counter after this event ?

C K said...

Really? You must be the guy who was eyeing the samplers mooncakes. Hah! I beat you to them. :p

Awww... I'm sure you were on his mind when he sank his teeth into those yummy mooncakes. Sorry, I couldn't resist it.

Weren't you in London two weekends back? Did you manage to get any then?

Tai Chung Emporium? Hmm... can't say I have heard of it. But I didn't know that the paste comes in tins as well.

Where did you get a Taiwanese mooncake brouchure from? lol, the one who has passed it to you must have finished up the mooncakes that was meant for you.

Basically, the shop specialises in birthday cakes, buns and pastries. Those birthday cakes reminds me of the ones that I got when I was a kid... essentially just cream over sponge cake. :)

Dutchie said...

ck, my hubby was in Taiwan at that time n he received an exquisite box of mooncakes from his host. The brochure came with the goods. Unfortunately he had a 11 days stopover in Sg b4 flying back, so he gave my sis the goodies .. sob ..
My sis told me they were really excellent n that made me even more miff to hv missed it. However, when went to Sg much later, my sis bought us yummy ones from a cake shop in Clementi. We were so surprised to stumble upon it while looking at the range of goodies !

C K said...

Well, like I said, at least you got the brouchure to look at this time round. :)

I'm surprised that that Clementi shop actually sells mooncakes off season. Or were they leftovers?

Dutchie said...

Aiya u ! Not leftovers lah ! If the chef hears u, u better duck real quick of get a bump from his mega rolling pin .. hahahah