Monday, September 29, 2008

Squeeze 'n' Spread Kaya (coconut jam)

kaya-coconut-jamA friend of mine, who's currently based in London, just came back from a visit to Singapore. That means I will be getting fresh 'supplies', which made our extended stay away from Singapore a tad less torturous.

Other than packs of instant bak kut teh (loosely translated as spare ribs soup), she has very kindly brought us DVDs, which would otherwise cost us a bomb over here in London.

This time round, she also brought us some kaya (coconut jam). Apparently, they are now sold in resealable disposable packets. Squeeze 'N' Spread kaya is literally just that. You basically squeeze the kaya (like what you do for toothpaste) out of the dubious looking package and… well, spread it.

Believe me, it's more difficult than it sounds. Unlike your regular toothpaste, which comes in a tube, Squeeze 'N' Spread comes in a flat package, which makes the squeezing less easy. Spreading a viscous tube of kaya across my Weightwatchers slice isn't easy either.

Well, some things just aren't meant to squeezed.

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Dutchie said...

Welcome back ck :-))

So r u glad of the kay or not ? Does it taste like the real thing ? Am curious what new concoctions r sold in Sg these days. I still prefer the good old orange-colored kaya which the bread seller (on his motor bike)used to spread on slices of bread with golden churn magarine. I often encounter the green version (pandan ?) or some lumpy substance. I used to hv neighbours who made their own - whipping 10 eggs *cholesterol horror - gulp*, lots of sugar n finally the coconut melk. They were very yummy.

U can always make a side incision, like opening a book n scoop out the kaya ! Store the leftovers in a glass pot. I do that alot with similar packagings instead of gnashing my teeth to bits ..haha.

PS : did u watch the F1 y'day ?

C K said...

Thanks, it's great to be back!

I always thought that kaya is made with pandan leaves. Believe it or not, I used to make some myself too. But gave up after one try after I realise how much eggs and sugar goes into the pot. The constant need to stir the concoction is really tiring.

So I take it that the orange coloured version is devoid of pandan? I thought that the colour is due to artificial colouring.

Anyway, the one (shown in the picture) tasted a bit weird. I prefer Ya-Kun's and yep, with a slice of butter... hmmm..

kyh said...

I thought the yellow version is the colour egg yolks while green is of pandan?

This squeeze thingy is interesting. Not sure if I cud find some here. :P

C K said...

The green ones requires eggs as well, mainly egg yolks actually.

Believe me, those that comes in a bottle taste way better.

EastCoastLife said...

That is so interesting! Squeeze kaya out like a tube of toothpaste! what would they think of next? :)

EastCoastLife said...

I wonder how it tastes.

The orange-coloured kaya is due to the orangey gula (sugar)...

lina said...

Even if it taste as good as the good 'ol kaya from the bread seller, I'm not a fan of this squeeze n spread method. I want to scrap off the kaya till the last speck!

Dutchie said...

lina, I feel pretty much the same way abt jam on my bread ! Can't stand the aggrivating sweetness. My teeth hurts just by thinking of it ;-<

Ai-Ling said...

an interesting post indeed...hmmm, squeeze-out kaya. i've never seen one, though.

reading this post makes me walk down the memory lane...i remember my late grandma's kaya-making sessions -- golden yellow kaya (loads of egg yolks), green kaya (extra pandan leaves), brown kaya (caramelized sugar), orange kaya (eeww...drops of food colouring) :)

C K said...

Ok, so the orange colour is not due to artificial colouring. Me bad. :p

Oh believe me, when it comes to the last few bits of kaya, I can be pretty disgusting....

Honestly, I detest jams, which is mostly fruity. So I was rather surprised when I realised that kaya is actually known as 'coconut jam'. To me, it taste way better than most jams do.

Wait a minute... are you saying that the orange coloured kaya contains artificial colouring? Why would people want their kaya to be in orange anyway??

Do you still make them on your own now?

Dutchie said...

ck, what's ur alternative when the kaya runs out ?

Here our usual varieties r peanut butter (nr 1 according to consumers' choice), chocolate sprinklets (op top of buttered slices)n Nutella (hazelnut paste). There is also tri-colored coconut layers, the sweestest by far for those who needs alot of energy.

My mom used to make her own pineapple jam when we were kids. Very handy when we were in the mood for mini tarts n they go so well with Jacob's cream crackers too :-D

C K said...

I thought you can't handle sweet stuff very well, no? It seems that your alternative to kaya seem way sweeter. :p

For me, Nutella is the one. In fact, I just got a huge bottle from the local store just yesterday. I hate jams of any kind. Ok, maybe hate is too strong a word but I do try to avoid them.

lol, I have some classmates whose mothers bake their own pineapple tarts (both open and close varieties) and then sell it in school. Needless to say, I got free samples. :)

Joeru said...

d'uh! I forgot abt KAYA! :( But, talking about dvds... have you seen 881? I just finished watching it... courtesy of a good fren of mine who bought for me while I was in SG 2 weeks ago, really great film. :D

Dutchie said...

ck, I use peanut butter sporadically. My hubby spoons out Nutella whenever he needs a sugar-rush ! He says it's the next best thing to ferrero rocher bonbons.

We hv here some peculiar sweets btw - I liked sour ribbons (strawberry flavour but sour)n gummy bears with sour sugar. Hv u ever tasted salty wine-gums ? They r black in color. I hv been told that it's typically dutch.