Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tiger Beer advert in London


That was featured over over London sometime back. I didn't realise that Tiger was brewed in Singapore... was it?

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SheR. said...

Yes it is... as Asia Pacific Breweries dear.. I think Kallang?

xiaocangshu said...

Anti-climb paint?

Dutchie said...

I'm not sure where Tiger beer is brewed .. must look it up ;-o

There was a brewery behind Thye Hong Biscuit factory. The steam that arises out of the drain-pipes were sooo intoxicating. We used to play there as kids !

Further down Alexander Rd was also a brewery - for Guinness Stout ?

U sure bring back memories of my once-so-peaceful neighbourhood :-)

C K said...

APB! Yes, I think that's the one. But I thought it's near Alexandra, no? I remembered seeing a sign near where I lived (in Queensway) as a kid.

Anyway, it seems that Tiger has become known as the Singaporean beer... will be writing about that again.

lol... great one that. Do you know that Tiger is sold at $1 per can in army barracks? But I heard that those sold in the barracks are of inferior quality.

Oh, I thought there is a brewery at Alexandra too. Not sure about the brand of beer produced though.

You grew up in Alexandra too? We're practically neighbours then. I spent the better part of my childhood in Queenstown... and Queenstown shopping centre was my haunt. lol

jakill said...

Tiger was definitely the local beer when I was in Singapore in the early 1960s.

Joeru said...

High 5 ck! I have no idea Tiger is the Singapore Beer till my ang moh friends told me... :(

Dutchie said...

As a teenager I used to save up my pocket money so that I could buy an arm-load of pirated elpees. Yes, Queenstown Shopping centre was my haunt then. Wonder what's become of it these days ?

C K said...

Sorry, wasn't borned then. :P

But I do remember the popular beer in coffeeshops when I was a kid was actaully Guinness Stout.

Shows how much we know about our own country... they should give out Tiger beer in those National Day packs distributed during parades. It'll make the parades more 'happening' anyway.

elpees? What's that? I spent mine buying smurf stickers. lol

The last time I heard, Queenstown Shopping Centre was doing a thriving business selling sports shoes...