Monday, October 13, 2008

5 reasons why Singaporeans return to Singapore - part 1 of 2

From the comments given in my previous posts on 6 reasons why Singaporeans leave Singapore, it is apparent that Singapore remains an attractive place to work and reside in for many for a variety of reasons. Though there is no official figures, I am certain that there are many Singaporeans who, after living for a couple of years abroad, will return to Singapore for good when the opportunity arises.

After spending some time in London, it became apparent that there are certain things that I take for granted when I was back in Singapore. Here's the 5 reasons why Singaporeans return to Singapore. Again, the post will be presented in a series of two posts.

1. Safety

Singapore laws

Singapore prides itself as one of the cities with the lowest crime rate. One of my favorite author when I was back home, Neil Humphrey, who incidentally hailed from the UK, was commenting on how safe the island state is.

Unlike London, you can hardly find police officers on the streets patrolling. On a rare occasion, you might be able to see a police patrol car. Yet one would be able to roam the streets in the wee hours without being worried of being mugged or harassed.

Perhaps that could be attributed to the relatively harsh laws and heavy punishment that the population abide by. Convicted murderers are hung, manslaughter comes with a life sentence, convicted vandals are whipped, drug mules carrying more than 18g of heroin are sentenced to death by hanging, unauthorized carrying of a weapon (eg. Blades, firearms) would be met with a stiff jail sentence. Even littering comes with a hefty fine.

Generally, the burden of guilt is place on the suspect unless proven innocent. With that as a deterrent, it's not surprising that the island state enjoys a relatively low crime rate. Neil Humphrey has put it quite succinctly, "The laws are harsh, but then again, why would I want to go about doing all those things (i.e. vandalising)?"

2. Cleanliness and greenery

Singapore Garden City

Singapore is known to many as the 'Garden City'. Planting trees is a serious affair in this country. Every tree is planned and accounted for in the urban development plan. I've seen layouts after layouts of 'canopy forecast' so that sufficient greenery could be had in every part of the island. Well, with an average temperature of 28-32 deg Celsius, Singaporeans do need the shade.

Visitors to Singapore generally agree that the country is relatively litter free. Note the use of the word 'relatively'. Although the are numerous campaigns to keep Singapore litter free, there are still some persistent litterbugs out there. Singapore's secret to keeping its streets clean - an army of cleaners, which will descend on the streets towards the end of the day.

I had an interesting conversation over lunch with a colleague of mine the other day. She was exclaiming about how clean (and spacious) Singapore's MRT is. In fact, she spent quite some time photographing the interior of the train stations. I didn't tell her that I did exactly the same when I first entered a London Tube station albeit for different reasons.

For the second installment, read 5 reasons why Singaporeans return to Singapore - part 2 of 2.

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PuNiao said...

You've forgotten one very important must-have, must-need item. It's the Singapore food. Imagine waking up and realizing you can't eat roti prata, nasi lemak or laksa for breakfast. Or even authentic satay..

Now that you remind me, I haven't eaten satay for so long even though I'm residing in Singapore. Die die must eat satay soon!!

Gina said...

I will really love to visit Singapore someday

lina said...

Absolute contrast with some of the municipality council in Malaysia. They do like to chop off trees in favour of more roads, useless pavements and decorative "pagar".

Dutchie said...

puniao - oh how true ! I always make a list of the food we missed so much n made good of it by eating from stall to stall, as the saying goes - haha !

Still, the factors stated by ck r indeed reasons why we r heading back, if given the chance.

Anonymous said...


Can I ask, if reason no "3" was intentionally left out? If so, why? It MUST be a real interesting one, in order for you to hike the suspense, by,let's hear it...;-)

fredy said...

S'pore is a good country, maybe if i can say , the best one on earth, so small, but with the giant capacity in business!
TEMASEK it's my favorite :)
And i wish someday i can stay there :)

daria369 said...

It's great that the island state is clean and keeps planting trees. This is my favorite part sofar (because I haven't had a chance to try the food yet)...

C K said...

Spot on, you're the only one who has pointed that out. Look out for it in my post on the REAL reason why Singaporeans return to Singapore.

You know what? Eat more satay on my behalf. Cheers!

Oh please come with an empty stomach. Before long, you'll wish you're born with two. lol

'Pagar'? What's that? The thing is, unlike Malaysia, which is vast compared to Singapore, the tiny island simply doesn't have that space to 'play' around with. I was looking through the plane's window just before it veers towards Changi and realised how small the island is.

You're still trying to pursuade your husband to move with you back to S'pore? Perhaps you could tempt him with the food in Singapore? Haha, I'm sure he's not that shallow but then again, who knows? I'll do anything for a plate of hainanese chicken rice!

Eh... that's because this is the first post of a two part series. Sorry, it's absolutely my fault, should have made it clearer.

I'm sure many Singaporeans currently residing on the island state would be thrilled to hear that. Well, after awhile people tend to be a bit jaded and cynical. But then again, those who spent some years overseas may have an overly rosy picture of the situation back home. Oh well...

Clean and green, my friend. It even rhymes!

I'm Who I'm said...
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I'm Who I'm said...

Singapore is a safe and nice country to be in....

It's better to be contented as a Singaporean than finding living place globally.

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