Monday, October 27, 2008

With just a Violin and a Rope


Here's one of my favorite busker along Angel's High Street. He'll be there every other week entertaining Starbucks patrons with just a violin and a piece of rope. He's not exactly Arcangelo Corelli but I doubt Corelli has tried playing a tune while balancing on a rope - without a safety net as well.

Now, that's worth a couple of shillings at least.

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Preston said...

Cool. Until you said "balancing" I was afraid he was playing the Violin with a rope. LOL

C K said...

Now, THAT would be something, wouldn't it? :)

jodapoet said...

That is awesome!!! I love street performers especially daring ones.

SG Entrepreneur said...

Is he always there? That is really cool. I wonder what a busker could do here in Singapore ... eat mee siam while walking on the tightrope? heh heh

C K said...

The competition is heating up... it'll be brilliant if he could juggle at the same time. lol

@sg entrepreneur,
LOL! I can't seem to shake off that image now. That would be a real 'entrepreneur'...

This guy's there every other weekend. Feels a bit sorry for him, the Starbucks patrons didn't seem to give him a hoot. There were quite a number of buskers along Orchard road when I left. Are there still there?

Lady Banana said...

Poor guy, he doesn't seem to have much of an audience!

Anonymous said... talent of music and art of balancing!

Dutchie said...

We hv a few scruffy looking foreign accordian players at the entrance of the mall 6 days a week. On market day, there is the hand-organ player rattling his tin cup for spare change. It's quite awkward seeing them with expectations in their eyes. I hv no wish to be swarmed by their enthusiasm each time I walked past. Most shoppers felt the same too by the look of the empty hats on the ground.

Buskers in Orchard ? I hv not seen them. I once met 2 Aussies selling cute buttons on the boulevard. They looked like hardcore backpackers n was in need of a meal - poor chaps ! My gf n I bought them a big McD meal - our good deed for the day !

Martin Miller-Yianni said...

Most violinst are highly strung, that why I chose to play the viola! lol

kang said...

hey ive never seen this guy b4, will have to catch him the next time i go to angel!

cchiovitti said...

I'm a sucker for a good busker! So far, London has had the best I've seen. My all-time favorite was a human statue at the Portabello Road Market - she was flawless.

C K said...

In fact, those people sitting outside Starbucks seemed rather awkward. To give or not to give, that's the question. But hey, they've already spent all their change getting that mocha, so...

@my bug life,
It seems that he has to do much better to get a crowd in front of him. Juggling knives perhaps? :p

I think those "scruffy looking foreign accordian players" are all over Europe. Saw them in some cities in France and Italy as well. As for London, they tend to gather in strength along the southbank of River Thames during weekend. Some of them are really pretty good.

Lol, that's a new one. Selling 'cute buttons' to fund your backpacking. Did you guys get them some takeaway as well? :)

Pardon my ignorance, but is there a difference between the two instruments other than viola being higher pitched?

Hey, thanks for stopping by. I have to say that your site is fabulous and I'm now heading towards every now and then when I'm stumped for ideas of weekend treats.

Really? I thought so as well. I love the 'muscle man' over at Covent Garden. He's the Roman soldier covered in silver paint, you can't miss him. Now that the weather is turning cold, I don't think he'll be parading around with only a loin cloth anytime soon.

Dutchie said...

CK, those 2 backpackers were in luck when they chanced upon my gf n I - n got a free meal !

Hv u ever met a group of flute players from Peru ? They ply their trade in trains. We met some pretty aggressive loose-change collectors in Italy n Paris. It's quite a nuisance when the encounter was a few times a day n for our entire stay in the city. Another group has found their way to our small town during the summer open market day as well .. sigh ..

C K said...

Nope, no flute players in London. They go for loud instruments (i.e. accordions, drums, sax, electric guitar). Btw, I'm a flutist. Used to play it for a couple of years... until my neighbors threatened to call the police in. lol

I've not actually met any aggressive buskers in Paris or the Italian cities. But I must say that the standards vary by quite a bit.

There are some really good ones in the Paris metro. Interestingly, a few players are playing for the sake of playing and not for change.

One even gave me a look of contempt when I tried to place some loose change in front of her. :)