Thursday, October 30, 2008

Exquisite Cashmere - Pure Collection

Cold-London-winter-cashmereWinter has come early this year. According to the weather forecast, snow showers are expected in the next couple of weeks, perhaps even in London. I am definitely looking forward to having some snow, considering that we have not had proper snow in London as yet other than the brief shower two nights back.

But to be ready for snow, one must be properly bundled up. The weather here dictates one's sartorial choices. Look at Britain's contributions to fashion: argyle sweaters, trenchcoats and you get the idea. The current craving for the moment is cashmere! Reputed to be 8 times warmer than wool, they are apparently a winter favorite in London.

Cashmere come in all price ranges, from M&S to Brora (Scottish cashmere speciality shop). Pure Collection, an online specialist retailer of all things cashmere, is my wife's current favorite. She does feel the pinch, but it is apparently a reasonable price range for the quality (or so we were told) and considering the number of uses one gets out of it, you can almost call it an investment (perhaps more so than shares, looking at how FTSE has been faring).

Pure Collection Ltd. Autumn / Winter 2008 generic

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EastCoastLife said...

You would have to spend more on warm clothings. :)

EastCoastLife said...

Keep warm.

It's raining season in Singapore.

EastCoastLife said...

Your EC widget not showing. I refresh 4 times. :(

Anonymous said...

The one thing I don't like about cold weather is having to pile on the clothes and the dry and coldness of course.

It's hot and humid here....arrgh..where's the rain :(

C K said...

I see the EC widget up there. Must be some server glitch again....

Anyway, the temperature over here is between 5 to 10 deg C currently. I was donning gloves on my way to the Tube (London Underground) this morning. Definitely warmer as compared to a couple of days back but nothing compared to Singapore. :p

@My Bug Life,
The funny thing is that weather back home does seem a bit erratic. But one thing's for sure - it's always warm.. either warm and sunny or warm and wet. lol

Eh? I thought ladies would prefer such weather as it allows them to heap upon those fashionable winterwear. No?

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

I don't know, to me wool feels warmer than my cashmere sweater. It's very soft though!

Dutchie said...

Cashmere is indeed a luxury ! I hv knitted dozens of wollen jumpers for hubby n myself when I was learning the skill.

My first winter experience was being bundled up in a thick wollen shawl, eskimo jacket n moonboots - it's overdressing n difficult to move. Took me a year to acclimatize n opt for lighter gear - jumper over blouse n a body warmer.

Inconvenience with winter wear is having to peel off in buildings with the heater on. I was shopping for jeans y'day n u can imagine the hassle of changing in n out of layers of clothes !

Also the touch of water first thing in the morning - arrghhh .. so freezing ! Our nite temp is 1 degree n day temp is 5 celsius.

kyh said...

that pic is nice! u took it?

cashmere sounds like the indian region of kashmir. :P

capybara said...

Cashmere is very warm to wear and my wife adores it. It has been very cold here in the UK lately. There was a lot of black ice around on my way to work this morning.

C K said...

@karen & gerard zemark,
Really? I understand that 100% wool is a fraction of the price for 100% cashmere. Are they of the same style?

I would think that cashmere offers the same protection with much more comfort. That probably explains why they're popular with the ladies.

Not too bad, you actually picked up knitting. I could never figured out how people manipulate those two nits (is that what it's called?).

Aha, I've mastered the art of surviving in a range of temperature with the same outfit. That removes the need to remove/add clothing whenever I enter/leave a building. Actually, I don't mind the cold so much but I really can't take the heat.

For me, I let the water run for a while before I head towards the shower. Yes, that's wasting water but the last thing I want is to have someone find me unconscious in the bathroom... er, wearing next to nothing. lol

Have you gotten used to tha kind of temp after all these years?

That's what I thought so too. But I heard that Mongolia produces some of the best cashmere around. Apparently, the Scots are known for them as well.

You mean the ice is still lingering in the morning? So I assumed it snowed quite a bit over at your end yesterday night.

Do you drive? Hope that it didn't bother you too much. :)

Anonymous said...

I like to be able to wear my summer clothes kinda miss that when you wear too much of heavy, winter clothings..:(

Dutchie said...

Knitting pins it's called n they come in different thickness - the thicker, the bigger the stitches. I usually go for thin pins (nr 2) for a wind deterrant jumper :-D

Do u know that there r different grades of chill n freezing temp ? When the wind blows in the cold months here, it cuts thru the bones, turning one into an icicle !

I hv gotten used to the temp better than I thought. It doesnt get any easier tho. I tend to keep the chores to a minimum n spent more time on the couch with a book or doing word puzzels.

Do u use warm water to do the dishes ? I seemed to come into contact with cold water all thru the day - just washing the veg is enough to turn my hands red n hurting ! Any tips to avoid that I wonder ?

kenny said...

on these cold days there is nothing better then a warrm cashmere pulover.