Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First snow in London


I was watching Johnathon Ross' review of Quantum of Solace on BBC and wallowing in my self pity watching Daniel Craig sauntering across the screen in his mohair suit totting a automatic weapon that would put a Marine to shame when the first snow flakes descended upon London.

Snow-LondonI've never seen snow in London since I've arrived almost 18 months back. Well, it did snow over a weekend earlier this year but I was in Brussels then.

So you can't really blame me when I abandoned Jonathan Ross, Daniel Craig and more importantly a sneak preview of the Quantum, grabbed my phone and snapped a couple of dozen (oh yes) of photos out from my apartment's window.

I'm not the only one who was snow-struck apparently. The couple residing on the ground floor were out at the front having a snowball fight.

Call me nuts but I'm definitely looking forward to winter - or more precisely, a white Christmas.

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The Fitness Diva said...

First snow is always gorgeous!
Glad you got to see it and snap a few pics of it. First pic is very nice!

Enjoy it before everyone walks in it! :)

Lidian said...

That first photo is amazing!

We had a very wet almost-snow for a minute here, but not beautiful like yours.

Rich Dansereau said...

These are wonderful photos. The weather reports say we may get our first snowfall on Sunday night. The first snow is always exciting.

Carina said...

Great photos!

LoneStarVintageClothing said...

You're not nuts! I went to college in Chicago and actually loved the snow. Especially the first snow of the season!

Stefan said...

Beautiful! The first snow of the year is always nice. It's how long it sticks around and turns brown that isn't.


Deb said...

Heheh, once the novelty wears off you'll start wishing it stops snowing! BTW r u the sort who can go around with minimal layers when it's really cold? My friends in north China kept inviting me to visit in the middle of winter i.e minus 20 to 30 degrees Celcius. I'm saying...hold on, hold on!!

My Bug Life said...

I like the blast of snow in the first photo. Over here, we have the blistering sun over the last couple of rain in sight!

Emm said...

Where do you live?? We didn't have snow here, I am jealous.

FĂ«anor said...

CK: I like the almost sepia tones of your snaps. Very neat. Didn't snow where we are. Had some hail in the afternoon in the City, though. Not the same, eh?

waitingkitty said...

Nice~! I love it when it snows but it will never snow in HK...
Anyway, to get to the snow, my family and I will be going skiing in Korea this December! :D

EastCoastLife said...

You are in London for 18 months already!?

Nice ah? The feeling of seeing snow falling and covering the whole street! sigh.

But very cold also hor? :)

Mike said...

OK I'll call you nuts but in the nicest possible way! One of the reasons I live here in Thailand is to escape the British weather. Funny old world!

jakill said...

Hope you get your White Xams. There are no guarantees. I enjoy your blog so much I've chosen it for some awards. You can see them on my blog.

Living Dead Girl said...

Wow, I had to stop by your blog and just say that I think the photos of the snow are really beautiful. The first one especially, reminds me of something out of a film or a dream.


lina said...

I feel the cold just looking at your photos.

Iliana said...

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Dutchie said...

Yes, snow has that magical effect indeed. I am always captivated by it n when there is a thick layer, I'm out there making my snow man !

Ur first pix is a perfect setting for a spooky film. In fact BBC is good at producing this genre, given the wide range of landed homes n ancient castles.

My fave pastime on Xmas day is to watch a snowy spooky film - Xmas ghost of past, present n future comes to mind ...

Lady Banana said...

I was so excited by this snow last night and was disappointed when it was all gone this morning..

I was hoping for a white Halloween!

cchiovitti said...

I'm a little bit jealous (but just a teeny tiny bit) - no snow here yet, but I have a stunning view of the snow-capped rockies from my back windows. We're actually having a lovely Indian Summer at the moment, I slept with the windows open last night and me and the littlest one had fun at the playground this morning.

Mayhem said...

great photos!

kyh said...

Nice!!! So they don't always snow in London during winters huh?

Gypsy at Heart said...

It actually looks pretty amazing. Here in still quite warm Houston, Texas, your London snowing seems like something out of a fantasy. I want some.

LY said...

Wow..that is very amazing. I saw snow for the first time here in Texas in March this year which, they say, is unusual. I was blessed.

Frances Amper said...

Wow. I'm from hot Manila. Went to London last June with my husband for our honeymoon. At Hyde Park, people were sunbathing in their bikinis; meanwhile, my husband and I were wrapped in scarves and jackets and gloves. Your summer was cold! Looking at your pics, I can't imagine the winter!

Laane said...

Snow in London this early!

I've been told that the last time it was this early was in 1934.

Great photos.

C K said...

@The Fitness Diva, Rich Dansereau, LoneStarVintageClothing,Stefan,
Alas, that lasted for a mere 30min. Apparently, only some parts of London got that. Well, keeping my fingers crossed for some more snow heading our way.

@Lidian, Gypsy at Heart
Really? Snow is only nice if its not too excessive. The last thing I want is to have to trudge through feet of snow the moment I walk out of my door.

@Carina,Living Dead Girl, Mayhem,
Thanks! That's probably why I always keep my phone handy... for photos, that is. :)

I agree. It's only nice if the snow melts overnight and everything returns to just as it was the day before. Nope, I'm useless against cold. I've now under my North Face two more layers (cotton and wool). I cannot even imagine -5 deg C much less -30! I heard that the Northen Chinese are really resilient towards cold.

In Texas too? I heard that it's the first time in 70 years that London sees snow in Oct. Seems that the climate change has gone up a notch.

@Frances Amper,
Did you see a chap who wrapped himself up in a bundle while sitting on a deck chair? That'll be me. Those sun bathers must have thought of me as a nutcase. lol, hey, we just aren't built to withstand such temperatures.

No. Apparently, the city is too warm to have consistent snow. Once is a while there's some sleet during winter and that's about all.

Skiing in Korea? I have always wanted to go Korea! When I was back in S'pore, Korea and Japan are the two places that people used to go to view snow. So are you any good at skiing? Black slopes perhaps? When I tried it earlier this year, you can hear me screaming halfway down the hill. lol

@My Bug Life,
I can imagine you going around in t-shirts and bermudas over there. In fact, During my last visit back home, I actually brought back all the bermudas that I have foolishly brought over from Singapore. Well, I'll toss a couple of snowballs in your name. lol

I'm over at Islington. I heard from my colleagues that only north Londoners caught a glimpse of the snow. Where were you at around 10pm that night?

Really? I didn't see any hail over at my side in the afternoon. During a hail storm earlier this year, someone I knew got her brolly ripped off. Gosh... give me snow over hail anytime. Actually, the phone isn't set to sepia mode (it's not that advanced). Those were the true colours. :)

Yep, 18 months passed like a flash, isn't it? Anyone walking along the street who cared to look up will see a grinning idiot sticking his head out of the window. Well, when I finally got my head back in, my head was covered with snow and I was shivering non-stop. Not a wise thing to do.

lol, so how's the 365 days of sunny (hot, humid and sometimes wet) weather over there agreeing with you? :p how long have you been in Thailand btw? Bangkok used to be my favorite weekend getaway when I was back in Singapore.

Fingers crossed. Thanks for the awards!

It was... actually I was more concerned that my phone wouldn't be able to take the cold.

Speaking of spooky movies, Exorcist has just been voted to the best of the lot. I wouldn't know because I couldn't bring myself to finish that film. lol. So, any favorites for you?

That 20min or so of snow produced at most 2cm, most of which melted upon coming into contact with the pavement. Come to think of it, the first pic does look kind of eerie.

@Lady Banana,
I don't think you would want them to stick around the entire day, would you? It would get kind of slushy, not pleasant at all. But I did see some left on cars the next day.

You're having the best of both worlds aren't you? Summer with ice capped mountains in the background - almost picture perfect. Just curious, are insects an issue over at your end? I realised that they've all gone hibernating when it gets cold over here in London.

Thanks! I was told that this is as cold as it would get... at least for the next couple of weeks. Talking about freak weather.

capybara said...

Amazing that you got snow in London this early in the year. We did not get any up here in north Lincolnshire

Emm said...

Okay then! I was in Sidcup in Kent - South East London. It was quite mild here

Nomadic Matt said...

snow? this time of the year? wow seems so early for london.

I'm glad I live in SEA and don't have to experience shoveling!

I am going to Singapore in 3 weeks. Any recommendations?

C K said...

Oh, actually I'm surprised that you don't get any snow over at your end? I am under the impression that the temperature drops as one gets further away from the city.

A pity really. Otherwise I'm sure you'll whip out that camera of yours and take some stunning pictures. :)

Are you kidding? I don't even know where to begin...

A good place to start would be food. 'Lau Pa Sat' (translated as Old Market) houses a number of decent hawker stalls. But I'm sure the locals would recommend you venturing into the heartlands where hawker centres are abound. Try the one of Tiong Bahru Market. Also, you might like to try the egg prata over at Jalan Kayu.

Anyway, how many nights will you be spending in Singapore? If you're looking for a local guide, try contacting Jasmine of Pixelated Thoughts. I'm sure she'll be more than willing to show you around. (lol, Jas' gonna love me for this)

Just send me an email at if you need any more details. Enjoy your stay!

Emm said...

It's about 1°c colder here but it gets to a point where it is too cold for snow.

Dutchie said...

CK, first time I watched Exorcist, it was frigtening. Once I could see thru the camera tricks, it's not that spooky any more.

Recent films that gave me a good scare was 6th Sense (poor boy being haunted in his tent) n a salvage crew being chased by a monster in a watery grave of a ship (forgot the title). Pity not many spooky films r made these days. I wonder if Sg still airs spooky chinese or japanese films - with ghost floating above the misty ground (that always spook me !)

Happy Halloween everyone !

daria369 said...

Goodness, this looks beautiful!!! :)

Lynx said...

I was in London in March, and it snowed then but didn't really stick. I'm guessing that's the time you were referring to.

Anonymous said...

Snow is normail!
get used to it!