Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A forgotten pier - River Thames

London-ThamesThe wind was howling during lunchtime and understandably the queue for Tower of London was considerably shorter. Donning my trusty North Face, I braved the winds that threatened to sweep me off (given my relatively light frame) and headed towards River Thames.

As I was stumbling across the converted warehouse offices along the northern river bank, I noticed this small alleyway that I have ignored previously. Though I have seen people wondered down that path before, I have always thought that it would eventually lead to a dead end.

This time round, I turned into the alley and was greeted by a blast of cold wind - due to the wind tunnel effect I was told. After negotiating a long flight of moss lined stone stairway, I realized what I have missed all this while. With the tide at an all time low, what emerged from the murky river water was an abandoned pier.

London-ThamesApparently, I wasn't the only one enthralled by the sight. Another suitably warmly dressed lady came down the alleyway right after me. She was much better equipped than me though - she was sporting an SLR.

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lina said...

found any treasures there?

C K said...

I wish. The wind was getting to me so I had to head back soon after. I'm gonna return with a shovel next time round.

Anyway, do you see the brown building on the opposite bank in the first picture? That's where Sher used to work as a Commis Chef.

SheR. said...

Yeah yeah... keep advertising for me...
I guess the pier might not be forgotten. Apparently, the English boasts the River Thames to be the only River that runs through a major city to be still fit for fishing!! Yeah.. you get eels.. Ewww.....

Dutchie said...

The Thames is rather impressive, seen from above (several BBC police series uses the river as their opening scenes).

I can feel the chill of the spot u were on ! Brrrrr.... This is the season to stay in warm-heated venues with spotlights te brighten up ur mood, ck ! Dont u popped into a bookshop to browse ur lunch break away ?