Sunday, October 26, 2008

A big rat in Angel, Islington


Was having breakfast at Chapel Market in Angel, Islington yesterday and chanced upon this piece of graffiti.

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capybara said...

When Graffiti is done like this it is fantastic and really brightens up what would be a miserable looking facade. Thanks for sharing! Stumbled

Bob Johnson said...

Cool, I love building murals, when I lived in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan they had them everywhere.

Dutchie said...

Erm .. what's the diff between a mural n graffiti ?

Nomadic Matt said...

fabulous art. I agree with capybara- graffiti like this adds value. It's art!

Iver Olsen said...

This did brighten my day.

C K said...

Thanks for the stumble! I wouldn't be surprised if the owner of the building paid someone to do that. But then again, there are artists out there who would give anything to have such a large canvas and on which their works will go unmolested.

Welcome to the club! Hey, would you have any pictures of the murals in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan? I would love to post any photos up if you would email them to me at Just leave me a comment below once you've done that. Cheers!

On the first impression, I would think that murals are perceived as art pieces while the beauty of grafitti are somewhat more subjective.

What about the rest? Any idea?

You must love Banksy then. But it can really bad when it gets out of hand. There was once Angel Tube Station was closed because racist remarks covered an entire stretch of wall.

No worries, thanks for dropping by. Cheers!

kyh said...

Cool! Looks like a cross between a mouse and a prehistoric man. :P

Erik said...


C K said...

You don't say... kind of reminds me of those found in prehistoric caves. They must have raised a scaffold for this one.

you can say that again. :)