Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween - Trick or Treat!

halloween-londonIf you are a fan of Daily Mail (the UK tabloid that I turn to for frivolous news), you will note all the news about US celebrities getting in the mood for Halloween. One day, it is Britney Spears and her kids choosing their pumpkins from the pumpkin patch, the next, it is Katie Cruise (ie Mrs Tom Cruise) stepping out with her daughter in matching pumpkin coloured outfits. You get the idea, it is a big event in the States.

In London, it is also celebrated, but perhaps not on such a big scale in the States. If you enjoy the night life, many clubs have Halloween themed parties where party goers dress up as witches on broomsticks, giant walking pumpkins and other ghoulish creatures. Kids in the neighbourhood will go around, tricking and treating, as well. I am wondering what "ghoul" I will chance on the Tube night. I recalled taking a double take when I saw a very realistic looking Frankstein last Halloween!

pumpkin-light-halloween-SingaporeIn Singapore, before I left, Halloween was very much for expatriates. Jasons in Raffles City, a supermarket with a focus on expatriates, stocked Halloween costumes, broomsticks and pumpkins, but otherwise Halloween passes unnoticed and kids do not have the habit of going tricking or treating. Don't worry though, kids in Singapore have their fun at Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival.

Have fun this Halloween and share your stories with us!


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EastCoastLife said...

Happy Halloween Twinkle Toes and CK!!

Give me a treat!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pix of the white...


Anonymous said...

The lighted glittery pumpkins are nice!

lina said...

Trick or treat! Where's my cady? :D

Plenty of imported Halloween candies for sale at Cold Storage which Raimie bodek me to buy for him. Instead of buying him those overpriced candies that all those gwailo kids are buying, we took him for dinner at an outlet decked out with Halloween splendour.

Love the pumpkins.

Scotty said...

you are correct, her in the good ol US of A, Halloween is a regular national holiday... scary, huh? ;)

Stefan said...

Great post, and welcome! I love the photos of the white pumpkins. Very neat

Dutchie said...

Hello n welcome Twinkletoes :-D

I think Sg kids could enjoy trick-or-treating for sure. It's not often that they had the chance to dress up in scary rags n hv great fun out of it.

Only time I dressed for a public show were folk dancing in schools n new glittery outfits for Xmas carols when I was a kid. Such excitments indeed.

kyh said...

Hello there Twinkletoes! :D

Nice entry. I guess Halloween is still very much a Euro-american occasion ya?

capybara said...

Lovely pics ! We did not get one knock at the door this year so my wife and I are ploughing through bags of sweets at the moment. Halloween is much bigger in the States.

Nomadic Matt said...

Halloween is my favorite holiday. the costumes, the dressing up, the drinking- great great time

ps- love the second photo..where did you get it?

C K said...

Thanks. So did you celebrate Halloween as well? As Twinkle Toes (I should probably address her as TT...) was saying, I recall it was pretty much a non event back home.

Awww... you guys must be disappointed. :) So it pays to get better sweets, you just might end up having to finish them up. Have you gotten any fireworks for this Wed?

I was chatting with TT the other day about how different S'pore celebrates its version of halloween (7th month) as compared to the actuall Halloween. Honestly, I don't think the parents would be too pleased to have their kids dressed up as ghouls. lol

I saw a couple of ghouls and vampires on the Tube last Friday. Wanted to snap a couple of pictures but decided against it. Hmmm... maybe I should have.

C K said...

Oh, forgot about this. I was the one who got TT the photos. Saw them online quite sometime back but didn't actually copied the link down. Apologies for the lack of acknowledgment.

We're still trying to figure out how to insert the link under the photo. Would appreciate any advice on that matter.