Saturday, October 18, 2008

Littering on London Underground Tube train

London-Underground-train-litterLondon Underground train, floor covered with discarded London News and Lite, which is freely distributed along the streets every afternoon. Not exactly a pretty sight I would say.

That said, I picked up the one nearest to me and started reading after taking this picture. Oh well, you know what they say about being in Rome…

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Dutchie said...

Oh, that is just terrible ! British Rail should start imposing 500 pound fines like in Sg to prevent littering in public.

Commuters here do leave newspapers behind but not on the floor. We do hv public nuisance with graffiti. The offender (rather their parents)ends up paying a fine n/or community service such as picking up the litter on the streets. I think it does help to bring awareness to the offenders bec I hv not seen any graffiti in over 2 years in our neighbourhood.

LadyBanana said...

I hope they get recycled!

lina said...

an eyesore! On the bright side, they don't smell bad.
At least you get free read in the train. Hehehe

PuNiao said...

Well, at least the rubbish is of the "dry" version, compared to what you get in Singapore..

Idea Life said...

ohh wow its like a broken ships :D

The Fitness Diva said...

It's a problem here in New York, too, but the garbage on the train here tends to be empty and discarded food containers and packages. Yuck!

Thomas said...

That's outrageous! Good thing you don't live in NYC.

*lynne* said...

wow I don't remember the tube being so dirty the last time I was in London (~2001) ... I know in theory people leave their newspapers for other to read, but more likely than not they'd end up on the floor. I know *i* rather get a "new" paper than a used one...

blurblurpiggy said...

people just simply dump their newspaper after reading. Its annoying.

Paul said...

When the IRA started planting bombs around London, all the waste bins were removed from the entire system -- stations as well as aboard trains. That's the reason for all the trash everywhere -- no place to toss it out.

waitingkitty said...

I remember picking some of those papers to read when I was there! I saw many Brits putting the papers nicely folded on the seats, probably hoping that the next passengers could read them...But I guess after some time, the papers just become litter, huh? Another case of well-intention gone foul.

mizah-kholil said...

oh dear...thats horrible! =/

C K said...

And end like as a 'Fine City'? lol

Anyway, imposing the fine is one thing but enforcing it is a totally different issue. Currently, there's an £80 fine for littering (e.g. cigarette butts) but I've never seen anyone fined when the area outside pubs are littered with them.

That said, credit must be given to the London Underground - graffitti is not an issue, at least within the station. Whenever there's any traces of graffiti, it'll be removed by the end of the day.

They do... they better do.. :)

Oh yeah, I was thinking that if that happens in Singapore (of KL for that matter), it will be mushy due to teh frequent rain.

You know what? I don't normally get these newspapers from the vendors on the street as I know that there will bound to be copies available on the train later. lol

@ideal life,
Hmm... I agree that it's not exactly a pretty sight.

@the fitness diva,
That reminds me, I nearly sat on a half finished pizza the other day. Gosh...

Funny that the Tube allows eating on the trains... is there any reason why? Perhaps due to the fact that some journeys can be really long?

Oh yeah, nothing feels like the touch of a fresh set of newspapers (hmm...). But then again, I don't mind getting a used copy. It's recycling in a way.

I think the initial idea was to recycle the papers. After awhile it just got a bit messy as waitingkitty (above) has pointed out.

After the IRA threats are no longer, we have 9/11... that's why the metro/subway of a couple of cities in the world do not have trash bins installed within the stations and trains. But then again, there's really no reason why you should leave your trash around, isnt' it? I mean, what's the harm of just hanging on it for a while and discard it when you're out of the station?

Well said. I guess there should be a container of some sort for recycled newspapers. But then again, some might treat them as litter bins. Oh well...

the good news is that it's not always like this... well, at least not this bad. :)

PuNiao said...

Now, I'll have to say "EEWWWW..."

C K said...

It's not that bad. At least they don't smell... though I do see an occasional piece of abandoned pizza every now and then. Now that's disgusting.